Mahila Dhritrashtra decoding the Sonia Gandhi neurons


Very pertinent when the entire world is asking #WhereIsPappu

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Dhritarashtra is one of the biggest pivotal character of Mahabharata. It was he who kick started the most epic battle ever in history of mythical mankind.  Such is the immortality of learnings from this battle that we can quickly relate to repeat of  human behaviors in our current lives.  Lets see Sonia Gandhi’s love for her son Owl G for instance and assess how the analogy fits in :

The blinded, vengeful and lusty Dhritarashtra

1. Denial and vengeance: Dhrita was the eldest son and a rightful heir to Hastinapur.  He was denied the privilege of being a king because of  his disability ( Being blind ). He forever held vengeance to the injustice done to him.  Sonia led Congress party to victory in UPA -I after Sitaram Kesri has screwed it up. She was rightful to become the PM  but was denied ascendance because of technicality ( Citizenship…

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SiSiLiMu – the ugly gali to poll success

The surest way to reach pedestals of power in India is by wooing SiSiLiMu. I do not mean the Sisi Leembu as shown below but…

Sisi Limbu or Banta

the Sisi limu  which has a high voter turn out and votes in blocks enmasse.

  1. SC ( Scheduled caste)
  2. ST ( Scheduled tribes)
  3. LIG ( Low income group)
  4. Muslims

These 4 factions on Indian demography are to politicians what item numbers are to Bollywood.  They are viewed by politicos as a monoblock which can easily be attracted by doles, freebies and fokat ka mall ( read reservations, free electricity, paani) If you have added this booby mix with a twist to your campaign, the chances are that you to have cracked the political box office.

While this is good for the politicians and their litters, I believe it ravishes the nation and plunges the country or states back by a few decades. Lets see some instances

  1.  Indira Gandi (Garibi hatao) .. Plunged the nation into ugly emergency.
  2.  Jyoti Bose ( LIG -Hawkers union) Threw Bengal in industrial ranking from # 3 to #30 now.
  3. V P Singh ( SC – Mandal politics) : Let to mammoth immolation of youth caused total despondence
  4. Mayavati ( ST – Dalit ki beti ) : Put entire UP in dark age..
  5. Mulayam/Omar /Soniya :  Played to muslim galleries ( Shahi Imam, Azam Khan , Shah bano etc)  : Lead to worst communal riots.

The worst part for the nation as Delhi goes to vote tomorrow is that the new political snake is working on all 4 of this stream. The CNN IBN poll shows that Kejriwal has very solidly cemented his base in all the SiSiLiMu constituencies. He is turning out to be the ugliest of all all politicians of our times and tops it up with anarchy and opportunism every time.

SiSiLiMu or Banta is a cheap alternative to branded aerated drinks. Hygienic or harmful ? we know not but its the opium of the masses in the nation’s heartland… Upadravi has learned to woo all of them well..

A wise person had well said – ” Politics is the last resort of a….


Do you see any instance when a person riding these planks has come to power and any thing good has happened to the nation?

// Exceptions : Sonia gave Jaat reservations in April 2014 and got crushed… Prithviraj Chavan and Sharad Pawar implemented 71 % reservations in Mah and got routed.

Slipping through cracks

” I am both ”
Responded a guy when I asked him if he is vegetarian..

I was wondering how ? How can you eat meat and claim that you are vegetarian also..

Amorphous blob of shapelessness and shape

Then I thought, there are heterosexuals who claim they are both homosexuals and straight .

There are liars who claim they speak  both i.e Truth and falsehood.

There are corrupt who say we embezzle money but  are also honest on some instances..

Can the term omnitarian be more appropriate? or do all attempts to classify humans fail ?

There was Steve Jobs and there are Bongs who say I am veg but I eat fish

There are Jains who would say I am vegetarian but I dont eat things grown below ground.

There are marwadis who are veg but would not eat No onion/garlic..

I think the definitions or classifications will remain amorphous unless some semantics are developed which with brevity can define the dominant behavior and exceptions in one small pronounceable word

Mr Arun Jaitley , 6 small facts one small ice challenge for you

*Honorable finance minister* and beloved left ball of NaMo, Sri  Arun Jaitley today ejaculated – “One small rape in Delhi was publicized and we lost billions of dollars

Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley terms Delhi rape ‘small incident that cost billions in tourism’

Warning : Explicit content ahead please abandon reading if you are sensitive to violent language and crudery 

This former Supreme court lawyer should take the following *small* facts in to cognizance :

  1. There were 6 rapists in the bus including the driver
  2. All of them took turns to rape Late Jyoti Pandey. It lasted a few hours in running bus.
  3. After the rape, a rusted cold iron rod ( L Shaped ) was thrust through her vagina and it made its way up through uterus to her abdomen.
  4. The temperature on that night was 3 to 5 degree celsius and she was thrown out naked and bleeding from a bus moving at 60km /hr
  5. She had profuse internal bleeding, underwent 5 surgeries which removed all her intestines and uterus
  6. The infection spread to her entire body, she finally died of cardiac arrest in Singapore.

Source (  Wikipedia 2012 Delhi gang rape )

To me as a human being none of these are small but to our *erudite minister* and sexy minister, they are . 

Here is how we can settle the smallness of this rape by personal example and taking inspiration from popular ALS ice bucket challenge.

Arun Jaitley must volunteer to take a small ice sodomy challenge. A place in Kashmir or Himalayas where the ambient temperature is 4 to 5 degree can be chosen.

  1. 6 solid bus/ truck driver can  be randomly picked.
  2. They can take turns to sodomize him ( No lubricant is to be used ). This is to be done in a moving bus and should last for  at least 90 minutes and should be done at night.
  3. A  L shaped road or wheel jack can be inserted in his anus and pushed way up his abdomen.
  4. He can then be thrown out of that running train/ bus  ..

He will have a choice not to undergo surgery and medical treatment.. It will be a small sodomy as per his opinion. He can get up and then recommend two of his fellow ministers for ice sodomy test starting from MoS Nihal Chand, the rape accused..

Since all this is to be videographed, it can be posted to all social media and is destined to go viral. The ad revenues generated from this exercise can bring in billions of revenues we have lost . Further, as more and more of his colleagues take this test it can beat the records of LIVE olympic telecast rights.

Mister Jaitley , will you please take this ice bucket oops small  ice sodomy challenge,  establish your theory of small rape and reclaim the billions of dollars lost.

Arrogant actions, humble facade, the Narendra Modi paradox

I am shocked at the arrogance PM Narendra Modi has showed in appointment of his Principal secretary Nripendra Mishra.

Caution:  Some of you, inherently are easily blinded by charisma. If you cannot stand hard facts, demolition of holi cows or false gods, please do not read any further Modi  is the same person who showed extreme humility when entering the precincts of parliament.

Modi bowing to parliament ( A shallow symbolism )

He touches the feet of Advani when he meets him but humiliates him with full blows when he can.

Modi touching Advani’s feet.


Observe this :  The body language of Advani in this picture. He very well understands the facade Modi’s fake respect. Advani has  been humiliated  in such extremes in last one month that secretly he must be regretting  on why he contested the LS 2014 election. Its often said that behind the crafty words, Modi is an arrogant man with scantest regard to people, precincts and propriety.

Why do i say this ?

The post of chairman of regulatory authorities  ie. Telecom, Aviation etc by design of constitution need to be free of govt/corporate lure, indfluence or pressures . Hence the act says that the person who heads these authorities cannot take up Central Govt or Corporate jobs for 2 yrs from date of retirement.  This is very ethical and robust mechanism and prevents direct quid   pro quo

However , such was the desperation of Modi that he brought an ordinance to amend the act and get Mr Nripendra Mishra to become his principal secretary on the same day of his retirement. Such scant regard to constitution and Loksabha in my opinion can only stem from arrogance, extreme favoritism or wicked interests.  The Congis bit the dust paying for the arrogance on Lokpal, beating the sleeping protestors , learn from it.

What was the desperation ?

Why did this person become so indispensable ? 

Why did Nripendra Mishra succumb to this unethical act of accepting such a post ? 

People do not judge you from what you say Mr Modi, They  do not judge you by the way you pretend and pose for pictures .

They judge you from your actions.

There are a billion shades between Good bad and ugly.

Dear Omar Abdullah, no more diapers for you now.

Ëither Article 370 stays or Kashimir will not be part of India“- tweeted Omar Abdullah and it got me into recollecting Nawabjadas born into a ancestral property and too spoilt to see reason. To me he appears like another pappu ( A Kashmiri one) who has been pampered a lot. A baby in infancy is given a lot of cool things. Some examples are:

  • Umblical chord in womb (Direct delivery of nutrients to stomach, no need to masticate),
  • Breast feed (Optimally warm, sweet milk from uber soft nipples),
  • Diapers ( Freely do potty and susu whenever and wherever kid wants), and
  • A milk bottle ( Kid still gets almost same pleasure as sucking on to a human nipple) etc.


All these baby stuff are good, pleasure some and are needed in those specific periods. Kids body, with this support,happiness and pleasure grows faster to soon become independent of them.
 There are however, some abnormal kids who get addicted and continue using them till they are 6 -7 years or even 12 years old. Is it not embarrassing for parents that their kid still drinks milk from poopsee , wets his pants, needs diapers or sucks thumb?
Why despite the physical age, the addiction and dependence with some kids just doesnt go away?  Is  it not the right time, for the parents to play hardball in the best interest of the kid and tell him NO means NO?
We all know this but why is it important today?
Doesnt Bhai Omar Abdullah appears to have physically grown beyond puberty?  At ripe age of 44 does he not have hairs in arm pits and elsewhere? Some grey streaks are visible on his head but has he grown mentally? He says that the only link between him and his mom (the mother India) is article 370.  Either this chord stays, or he is not son of his mother. It ends every thing for him ( and Kashmir).Image
  Is  this not exactly how a baby out of mother’s womb feels ? The umblical chord is what he thinks keeps him alive should just stay forever.He is crying, threatening, throwing tantrums, rolling on the floor, sucking his thumb all the while like Auro in Paa .
Is this article 370 not like diaper he thinks he  just cant live without. Baby Mehbooba too has joined the chorus. No body should take away their diapers, no body should cut the chords, no body should take away the poopsee bottle. Omar bhai! you and Kashmir have physically been out of womb for 40 and 54 years respectively. Has he  not grown beyond those susu in chaddi days?
Believe  us you dont need this diaper. We understand that you will cry and be angry with us when we cut it. You will rant when we make you wear pants. You will curse us when we ask you to drink milk from glass but bear with us we have to do this now.
Did the Dhais ( Congressis and Sonia Mayya)  not let you suck thumb for ages because they always knew you are not their real son?  Were they not getting paid ( Looting the nation) while you reveled in infancy.The longer your infancy, the higher was their meter down  and hence better their career earning(Votebank)
You are not used to live without diaper, it will hurt, it will feel unusual for few days, it will make you uncomfortable but do not worry, you will get used to it and grow up for your own sake. We all have given them up at some stage of life.


“Tum nangay ho Rahul G” and you must read the emperor’s new clothes

I heard murmurs of revolt from the Congressis, post election results on May 16.  During campaign Modi had hinted that Congis will be routed to double digits. Ironically, even double digit has a big range i.e 10 to 99.  We can easily reason why 10 to 19 was a theoretical impossibility. 1000s of Crores of  war chest  with  Congis and some opiumed constituencies like RaeBareillies, Amethis, Bankuras( Abhijeet -Pranav Mukherjee’s son’s constituency) or Nandeds ( Corrupt Ashok Adarsh Chavan’s constituency) would never wake up. So, a seat range of 81 to 99 definitely would have been face saver. This too, was not to happen this time. The worst nightmare of Congis,  danced out LIVE on May Friday the 16th.  Restricted to 44, the 600 crore spent just to chamkao (shine) the image of Pappu was down the drain. This to me resonates strongly with a classic schoolbook story.

The emperor’s new clothes” written by  Hans Christian Anderson echoes perfectly in this scenario.  Note : In this blog the current context  is told in parenthesis/ brackets.  Its a story in which two swindlers who are tailors (The advertising agency Dentsu and Diggi Raja in current case)  tell a narcissist emperor( Owl  and Sonia G today) that they will design a never before imagined clothes (5000 crore Electoral campaign) for them.Image

The clothes will make them fashionably immortal (PM Of India). The swindlers faked that they were making something with an invisible thread( Har haath tarakki,har haath Vikas). Whenever king’s men ( The chiknas and bachchas in Owl gang like Sachin pilot, Jyotiraditya etc) came inspecting they saw swindlers working. Finally, the swindlers on the auspicious day ( Elections days) came and dressed the king ( Rs 500 Crore Pappu and Congress Chamkao yojana).


Actually, there were no clothes but the swindlers pretended that they were dressing the king in an invisible cloak (Songs, Commercials, stupid lines like secularism, Kattar Soch nahi Yuva josh). The king ( Pappu and Sonia G) got elated ( Sonia was smiling with her face down when Mannu agreed to Pappu’s 12 cylinder cry)  and went into  public procession feeling very proud of this new dress( campaign) . He boasted about the dress no one has ever worn ( Toffee, Gubbara, Bee hive, women empowerment, RTI, interview with Arnab etc).

All the ministers, courtiers, people could see the king’s bums, balls and manhood ( They smiled secretly within) but none had the courage to tell the emperor that he is naked. Some sycophants launched lofty encomiums praising the new dress ( Narayan Murthy telling that Pappu is a great leader and Mand mohan professing his fortune to work under his feet). The emperor had a lot of power and the terrified people knew that if any one says that he is naked, their head will be immediately severed .So no one could gather courage.Image

Some people found it outrageous but knew it was not in their interest to tell the Emperor that he is a damned stupid fool ( Neither Milind Deora nor Praful Patel could muster courage to speakout that Rahul is congenitally dumb; at most they could do attack his advisers).The murmurs were a veiled attack which did not reach the stupid naked emperor and he carried on.

The special guards of Emperor (Manish Tiwadiya, Jairam Ramesh, Piggy Raja) barked at any criticism of this new dress ( Rahul for PM campaign) and the arrogant and nangaa Emperor ( Owl)  continued on his stupid march.

Finally, the procession reached the Hoi – Polloi  (The janta ) and even they didnt have gumption to tell him about his nakedness. Some out of shame and decency turned their faces away ( They attended his rallies for money, daru, kukkad and often left out of embarrassment. Recall desperate call by Sheila in Delhi rally – “Arey abhi jaaiye mat please, Jara Rahul ji ko sun toh lijiye) . Even this was not enough for emperor to realize his nakedness and he smiled at people ( Owl G had similar smile in post election press conference). An organisation is like a big banyan tree full of monkeys. Monkey on top when he looks down sees smiling faces, Monkeys at bottom when they look up .. only see assholes ) This is well explained in another blog

Finally, a child in the audience (Someone like me ) sees the emperor and screams –  “Emperor is NAKED “. ( Rahul is an a**hole ) and the voice reaches the king. He touches his cock, his bums, his moobs and then his balls and realizes he doesnt have any clothes. He had been really swindled and is indeed Nanga ( Naked).  There are no clothes and he needs to cover up. ..but its said, he continues on his procession.

It only took a child to standup and speak the truth in Hans Christian Anderson‘s immortal story as only the child  cannot be perturbed with dire consequences.. Unfortunately, there is no child amongst Congis and Owl G has not had the privilege of going to school for formal education to read this story.

Mahila Dhritrashtra decoding the Sonia Gandhi neurons

Dhritarashtra is one of the biggest pivotal character of Mahabharata. It was he who kick started the most epic battle ever in history of mythical mankind.  Such is the immortality of learnings from this battle that we can quickly relate to repeat of  human behaviors in our current lives.  Lets see Sonia Gandhi’s love for her son Owl G for instance and assess how the analogy fits in :

The blinded, vengeful and lusty Dhritarashtra

1. Denial and vengeance : Dhrita was the eldest son and a rightful heir to Hastinapur.  He was denied the privilege of being a king because of  his disability ( Being blind ). He forever held vengeance to the injustice done to him.  Sonia led Congress party to victory in UPA -I after Sitaram Kesri has screwed it up. She was rightful to become the PM  but was denied ascendance because of technicality ( Citizenship, Non reciprocity* with Italy as a nation). // Italy doesnt allow an Indian born to become PM of Italy even if she wins all elections and leads the majority party. So India cannot have an Italian born as PM . Sonia since then had a ever burning vengeance and wanted to avenge the denial .

Blind love for worthless son

2. Blind love for son   : Dhrita was madly in love with the idea of his son becoming king of Hastinapur even though he was least capable and totally devoid of talent . As a father, he set aside all propriety and ethic to back a cause of   “Duryodhan as a king“. Sonia  followed a similar line in pushing his totally incompetent son in to becoming a PM. In the middle of UPA II , Pranab Mukherjee started appearing as the tallest,  most natural and deserving leader of the party ( Crisis management, Diplomacy, Respect of opposition) . This put Sonia’s lust under threat. The way Pandavas were sent to 12 yrs of Vanavaas ( Exile) and 1 year Agyaatwas ( Incognito exile) Sonia had to eliminate  Pranab da into a political exile. The difference being Pranab put a price to exile and agreed to be President. They way Kauravas tried to get Pandavas killed , two of the most powerful congress leaders ( Rajesh Pilot and Madhav Rao Scindia ) died mysterious deaths.  She backed her son against and beyond his total worthlessness ( Loss in every assembly  campaign he led and now likely the worst performance ever in Loksabha ).

The Chief con man or conspirator of Mahabharata


3. Shakuni and Diggi raja :        Shakuni was an uncle of Duryodhana and the biggest con man or spin doctor/ propagandist of Cauravas. He became Duryodhan’s mentor and played all ugly games to try and defeat the Pandavas. Here , we had Digvijay Singh ( A man of ugly morals ) mentoring  Pappu and play all ugly games to let the evil rule prevail.

While there are some striking coincidences in 2 threads, we do not know whether Congress just like Cauravas will get totally annihilated in the Kurukshetra of 2014 leading to a Congress Mukt bharat. We will have to wait till tomorrow.

Do you see more elements of congruence in characters or events in these 2 stories ?

Is Sonia the most apt personification of Dhritarashtra ever ( Blind to incompetence and unworthiness of Pappu)  ?

10 Candidates whose defeat will send a very progressive message from India

There are some candidates who must win to have a progressive India.  Good people who have served the nation and have done a remarkable job must win. Alas,  politics is always infested with dirt. These dirts also win and shake the faith of  people in democracy. Like in movies we want villains to die horrible death, as citizens we want stinking politicos to face horrible defeats. Wrong people winning because of money or muscle, or sperm source lead to fatalism in citizens. We all secretly and at heart wish they must lose. I know all 10 will not lose and we will never have perfect 10 but higher the score better it is.

Ugly politicians

Here are my top 10 must lose candidates and the reason why they must lose( Cutting across party lines) :

10. Ashok Chavan ( Nanded )- Congress  : The Adarsh tainted former Maharshtra CM must bite the dust to leave a 5 finger slap mark on cheek of Sonia. She was showing legality to field him overlooking propriety of criminal conduct. Janta tumhein maaf nahi karegi

9.  L K Advani  ( Gandhi Nagar ) – BJP  : The symbol of political lust must lose from Gandhinagar to give a strong message that  there is a sunset age for most demanding profession. At age of 86 , rust, lust must bite the dust. go look after your grandchildren old man. Make way

8   Kapil Sibbal  ( Chandni Chowk ) Congress : He had been one of the most hated figures for his arrogance. At one of the visits to Chandni chowk after an accident, public was so angry that he was not even allowed to come out of his car. He must loose to bring in humility in politicians.

7.  Jaswant Singh ( Jaisalmer ) Gaddar independent :  This was political ambition at its ugliest. The person who derived all the maal from the party when he could and when denied a ticket, rebelled and contested as independent. This is worst show of indiscipline. People must teach him a lesson

6. Shazia Ilmi  Malik( Ghaziabad   )  AAP  : One of the worst b****s in the politics who was advocating muslims to go communal in this election. A tight slap on her face will keep all the candidates sane in forthcoming elections.

5. Supriya Sule  ( Baramati )  NCP and other litters of big polticos : She and like other like her are infesting the political firmament and treat LS constituencies as  a Baap ki  jaageer. Her idiot cousin was threatening the voters ( Bahut masti chadhi hai kya..? Agar Supriya ko vote nahi diya to paani kaat doonga ). Other must loose in the same category are Milind( Koila Chor) Deora, Priya( Parole buying)Dutt, Sachin( Chikna) Pilot, Jyoti(Baba) Scindia, Kanimozhi ( spectrumChor), Omar( Abdulla, Abhijeet Mukherjee, Sandeep Deepshit, Jr Chidambaram, Varun (Retard) Gandhi . The message to buggers should be :  You have all the wealth and capacity to become a scientist, musician , author, sportsperson, or a artist. Dont spoil our taste by showing us your ugly pedigree.

4.  Arvind Kejriwal ( Varanasi )  AAP  : The nautanki-baaj just got too greedy after limited Delhi success. He got intoxicated and drunk with small success to think he had everything in his pocket.  Thriving on nuisance value, he has grabbed TV time by just contesting NaMO.

3. Owl Gandi ( Amethi)  Congress :  He is one of the biggest human waste to ever come out of a human. Good for nothing moron must loose for never visiting his constituency in last 5 yrs and being the most inactive MP in Loksabha in this term.

2.  Sonia Gandi ( Rae Bareilly ) Congress :  For showing her ugly colors of bribing the Shahi Imaam of Jama masjid  and seeking muslim votes under a secret deal. It was politics of the worst kind.

1. Narendra Modi ( Baroda )  Gujarat :  A PM candidate who is so unsure about his place, wants to make a political statement from a religious city, holds on to CM , MLA post and is most likely to divorce this city if wining from both . Baroda guys must hit back for being made to feel like a second wife.


What are your choices for must lose candidates ?

Who among these 10 you think should not lose for the reasons mentioned?

What do you think the correct message score of this election will be out of 10 ?

Interested to know your thoughts.

Unwritten ugly rules

We do not beg for sympathy towards our leadership but there are unwritten laws in democracy “- Salman Khurshid on Narendra Modi planing a massive rally against Owl G in Amethi.


The question is the does this Leprosy of nation ( Congress) need any sympathy?
What cause/purpose does sending a Chikna to parliament serve?
How long can people of India and their constituency be considered Baap kee Jageer?
Why should Janta Maaf karo this juvenile who had least attendance in Loksabha and raised ZERO concerns about Amethi or nation?
Why should people get swayed by a Barasati Mendhaki who has woken up in month on May 2014 about concerns of people in Amethi and RaeBareilly ?
Why is the Indian media so enamored with Chikni Chameli that her every croak is played non stop on TV?
Is 60+ years for the country too young to mature just like the rotting crop of our politicians ?
Why do we have political dynasties infesting our most important states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Orissa to Jammu Kashmir?

Why are there unwritten rules that if Congress allows Ranjan Bhattacharya ( Vajpayee ‘s son in law ) to loot the treasury without a whimper, BJP will not raise a voice against Robber Vadra? 

Why when Swedish authority comes to interrogate Sonia for her husband’s billions in dalaali, Vajpayee packs them back empty handed ? 

Why do these unwritten rules exist against the best interest of the nation? 

Some days ago someone wrote to me that she has no problem with dynasties ruling us for generations… For god’s sake should we shame the money our parents spent on our education ?