Chak De and Other Stupid Jokes

1430 , Tuesday, 13 Aug .. In side a IT development company a small Towner comes all too impressed with Chak De India. I ask him , A collection of spoilt , carefree girls who take things easy are insulted, they are inspired by a middle age coach who sings some stupid songs while they work in gym , exercise and run.. they finally compete in a match and are at a loosing position, suddenly they do something super willed and they win a match. Is this not all about the movie, which you are all impressed about? He moronically said, “Yes”. I said I have neither seen this movie, nor read its review but I if I am able to tell you exactly what its all about then something is gravely wrong about the story teller. I am appalled by the poor expectations you have about the product you admire. The way people like Shahrukh and Yashraj Films insult the intelligence of us Indians and laugh all the way to bank is really disgusting. You have dirt like Jhoom Barabar, Tara Rum.. etc splashed on your TV screens like some one would splash Windshield of your brand new Swift with a bucket full of turds and Shit. At 60 Indian cine goers need to grow up.

On the same day, I read one article in Mint about how one Indian Journalist to China admired a pathway in China saying that the stone chips were meticulously cut and all the ends were fully aligned in to form a straight line. To this, a fellow Swiss Journalist couched down, touched the pathway and said – “ Hey, I don’t think any Swiss contractor would like even his name associated with this work. The chips are not on the same level. This brought the Indian Journalist to the shame of how he could admire some thing that was so jejune and uncraftsmanlike.

Next morning, I find on the front page of Economic Times, Priyanka Chopra interviewing Shahrukh, where he berates corporates(Adlabs etc) for lacking creativity and capacity of story telling. He says they (Corporates) may have deep pockets but can never be like what Yashraj Studios are . This damn fool doesn’t even know that it’s the Indian corporate (Ambanis, Premjis, KP, Mittals) who have brought Global acclaim in terms of Management, ingenuity, creativity and quality. Buffoons like him act in third rate Pahelis, reprocessed shits (Devdas, Don etc) and feel they are Oscar material. Its good that he and his monkey groups get their Asses kicked as brutally as possible in Global award ceremonies. Rejected, they comeback thinking something is wrong with the Academy awards committee and constitute a plethora of asinine award ceremonies where they Ham Hollywood and bray superlatives about their shit and do their stupid song dance numbers.

Looking back in 2001, driven by Hype and promos I was heralded by my fellow Air force Officers in to seeing Lagaan. Barely , 5 minutes in the movie ,I could realize what a torture it will be watching this bloke and his urchins develop skills to beat Firangs, the idiotic emotions , the phoney updowns of the cricket match and finally they winning the game. It was the same idiotic story around which the Times and other puerile media groups created false illusions of Chances of winning an Oscar. They almost made us believe that it stood a chance. The poor Boy Aamir was in USA to lobby for it and the nation felt wronged on being denied an award.

It is this kind of Psyche about ourselves that we need to get rid of. 60 yrs are not too small an age to start appreciating good things in life like Forrest Gump, Black, Gandhi, Dabba wallas, Finacle , etc.. Its high time we have credible Superstars who don’t proclaim UP mein Jurm Kum hai . or with primate like jig sell fairness creams to men . We need to summarily reject any product, which is less than global and ensure that substandard producers, performers face abject penury and damnation. Its high time we stop having buffoons as our National icons. Its time we kick the Political consensus, which replaces people like Kalaam with a party bootlicking psychophant and next day Editor of Jagaran lauds it as an achievement . If a woman was to grace this post , why not Indra Nooyi, why not PT Usha ? The amount of dirt UPA has laced the country is Unforgivable. The OBC reservation Bill, The Presidential Election Fiasco has brought in open how they have openly ignored the collective will of the nation. At 60 ,The Nation must make them pay dearly for it.

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