Shun Property Brokers

I was relocating to Gurgaon in Feb 07. Even in this information age , my peers told me there is no way you can get an house in Gurgaon without a broker.. THis brought me in ludicrous characters.. While atop a bike with one such.. The broker told me ..that entire village in Gurgaon has become Property broker.. WE smoke .. hang around near societies and make cool 10 to 15 k per deal.. There is no money easier than this.. we earn from our brain..

Even when I found out that the owner of the flat was a fellow Air Force Officer, he refused to deal with me without broker.. The broker didnt let me have a word with owner.. I forked our 35K to him and another 10 k as advance and the experience was like nightmare ..
I moved in and found that the fucker had done nothing to make the house liveable..

The tenure with this louse was over and I decided to move to Pune.. Here the greed was even more unsurmountrable.. The bastards here ask for 2 months rent as brokerage.. Just imaginne 30K of your hard earned money these suckers want to swindle ..just because you are in IT and are pid well..

With almost 20 days of struggle through websites and contacts finally I managed to get a row house of 3 BR for 12K as rent.. and am happy that I didnt pay any broker.. I wish other fellow professional in IT field folllow this lead, surf their intranet and make this profession of Property btroking redundant.. Its Peer to Peer and TEchnology that should stay and nothing else..

WE as info powered individuals owe it to our profession

One thought on “Shun Property Brokers

  1. just because you are in IT and are pid well..

    >> Who told we are paid well? Take this… When I bought my apartment, I went to a lawyer for documentation and entire registration process… ( I know I am engineering as I did well in math and physics and supposedly I have better IQ than the lawyer I met)..

    I went to him for 3-4 times.. every meet lasted not more than 30 minutes… and he did the documentation.. (using our very own MS Word and by doing a find replace in existing document)

    and guess what he cahrged me 17.5 K for that find replace stuff… and yes the charges went towords the degree he had aquired coz he was not good at maths 🙂

    and did I mention, if he attends just 10 such customers a month, he would be making way more than me an IT guy 🙂

    May be you got a new topic for next post “IT : the myth of high paying job”


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