10 Wisdom Pearls on Buying housing space

The visit to Mumbai was an enormously enriching one . The major gains wisdom earned is as follows :

1. Appreciation:Housing is one sector which will always appreciate in cities of opportunities. THe coast of housing inMumbai have almost doubled up in Mumbai and Pune in last one year. Its has gone up 4 times in areas adjoining IT parks in Pune.

2.Time to buy: The best time to buy a house to live in is now. Later the decision, greater is the price you pay. Historically and even in current times, real estate always moves in upward spirals
3. Demand and Supply:Land is shrinking. People looking for house are fast multiplying. The demand for good quality housing will outpace supply in prime cities atleast for next 10 years

4. Stocks VS Real estate:Thumb rule for investment gains. Keep churning the stocks and stay invested in real estate. Stocks are vulnerable to factors beyond your control. They catch cold when any body influential sneezes or barks.

5. Over heated estates : Land and real estate is still undervalued . With economy on a roll, these will continue to grow . There will be no slowdown, stagnation in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad.

6. Why buy when jobs are mobile :One must establish relation with land to be professionally stable. Anchor yourself in a city and then persist with your growth plans.Find yourself a city where opportunities related to your skills are aplenty. Move in there, anchor and then climb the ladders there only.

7. Rent Indicators : Global thumb rule is : 20 to 25 years of accumulated current rent values shows the intrinsic value of a property. Example for a 2 room house fetching a rent of 10k, the intrinsic property values is 24 to 30 lakhs. Bit in India ofr booming economies , rentals are not the truest indicator of value of a property. To preclude risks people go for higher deposits and lesser rentals. Some times people give their property on rent to see that its sustained. I currently am staying on Rent of 12K in a house valued at 65 lacs . In the same city , a property valued @ 42lacs in established locale is also fetching 12K

8. Residential address :There is a self esteem involved with where you stay. Do not go too far from basic necessities to get cheaper house. Pay a premium to live in established areas with school , shops, temple, pubilc conveyance etc. The appreciation in a premium locale will be higher in the long run.This will also provide easier resaleability.Also look for a more respectable address. Avoid Basti, Chawl improperly defined addresses.

9. Buying land or commercial property : Whenever possible, buy land, commercial property . IT will fetch better rentals and appreciation as corporates will buy them in long term and will give you better prices.

10. Business ventures or housing :On an average, 3rd Business ventures for individuals click . Dont postpone buying a flat or house to invest in your first venture. You will learn a lot in the first two venture and sink money. Debutante star businesses are less to find

11. Accumulate money to buy house ?Idle , uninvested money is vulnerable to vagaries of spendings, loan seekers and mood impulses. Constraining yourself with house is a good idea. Upgrades in lifestyle equipments, gadgets give you transient pleasure. The royalty of a good living space is one which you enjoy and relish on a daily basis.

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