I had taken a home loan from SBI gurgaon branch for my apartment @ Calcutta new town. The SBI agent during processing told me that processing charges of Rs 10000 (Ten Thousand ) are waived off for Army and Air Force residential schemes.
However after the loan was sanctioned and disbursed , I found that Rs 10000/= were debited from my account on processing charges. I called up the SBI manager on at least 20 occasions from Pune where I am based currently.
I wrote him a mail stating the anomaly needs to be resolved but this produced no results . I filed an online complaint on which inintally there was no action. It was then that I contacted the SBI branch manager at Hinjewadi Pune. In the mean time I had sent almost 20 emails to SBI Gurgaon but without avail.He told me to file a complain again online as transferring of Home loan to a different city was not possible. I just did that and waited for 5 days.
After 5 days , I received an email from SBI help desk stating that the issue was being forwarded to Delhi zonal manager for solution.
Nothing happened for next 4-5 days ..and exasperated i wanted to raise a level to file a case in the consumer redressal forum. I do not know why but I thought of checking my home loan account. I found that the amount of Rs 10000/= had been credited back to my account.. The folks at SBI did their job. THey didnt write a mail.. they didnt speak to me. they didnt write a mail back to me but they did what was financially essential.. I had a hearty laugh as I remebered their Slogan- ” Pure Banking , Nothing Else”

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