Fight with a global company for deficiency in service

Recently I wanted to get a window AC re installed at my home and ran into trouble with the company service department. Never to be satisfied with a shoddy job. I again took up a battle.   The letter to the service department is attached below : ( Can be reused as template for waging similar fights) and the result is at the end of it. Read on and enjoy one more consumer victory 🙂  


        I had booked the a/m service call for installation of Window AC at my residence and am appalled at the unprofessionalism shown by your technician.The following are facts of this transaction. 

  1. The service call was booked on 10th Mar afternoon and I was told that the technician will reach on the same day. The person however arrived on 13th evening after 2 reminders.
  2. At home , he insisted on taking payment for visit (350) + Servicing charge wet (350) + installation charge (750) . This however after speaking to Mr  XXXX was reduced to Installation (750) + servicing (350). However on perusal of service rate list I discovered that  visit +service charge was mentioned as 350.. It seems the technician was bent on charging unfair.
  3. He didn’t bring sufficient material to do installation ( He neither had wood planks, nor cleaning material, nor packing and sealing material.
  4. After AC installation he tried to seal the AC using cardboard strip . When I questioned how can cardboard resist decay even in small rain. He stupidly argued that rain wont reach that place.
  5. Subsequently , I had to provide him insulating material ( Black foam) . He did a  slip sod job and left gaps at most places. On perusal and inspection next morning I discovered that he had left gaps all around.
  6. He didn’t have white clay for sealing the edges.
  7. He was most incourteous in demanding cleaning material and barked ” Karwana hai to karwao, nahin to jaane do ( If you want to get things done, oblige me.. or let me go “

 I fail to understand that if this is the slip shod work done by reputed company representatives , then the local electrician whom I paid Rs 350 for installation lat time did an outstanding job. Having experienced this , I have following options coming to my mind . 

  1. Inform it to you officially and seek redress.
  2. Send it to newspapers to highlight your Quality of service
  3. Put it on forums  etc so that people know the standards you have.
  4. Inform your competitors so that they can highlight it in various forums.
  5. File a consumer case to seek penal damages for deficiency in service.
  6. Upload this on my Blog for the world to know what service you stand for.

Do let me know the level to which this fight needs to go.

The mail had a glavanising effect on the service department. On the following day 3 of the company top officials including Regional Service head came to my apartment to evaluate the degree of negligence by company rep. THey were convinced about the company fault. They offered the following :

  1. Reinstalling the AC.
  2. Using top end heat insulating PU material to do the sealing.
  3. Complete carpentry work to make new frame for AC.
  4. Paint work to match the color of wood to main window color.
  5. A free Wet service at the end of season ( Before rains set in)
  6. 6 months maintenance and repair holiday ( No charge defect repair)  
  7. An offer to sell a split AC at company prices ( less than dealer offerings)

So ended one more successful consumer fight.  So fight on

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