Siemens PLM Chess Championship 2008 , Pune


  The Warriors

Subsequent to my semi final victory the stage was set for Finals. I had heard from my peer that one of the semi finalists was an extremely good player of chess. He was champion in 2005 and 2006. I decided to gather more information about him. The first step was to find out at what level in organisation he was in. I searched the corporate directory and was amazed to know that he was at a level which was equivalent to My Boss’s Boss. Further , finding  out that he worked on Finite Element mesh abstraction raised his aura in my mind. FEA is something I always dreamt of using and here was the guy who was developing software to solve FEA problems.

The Goliath

          I spoke to him on communicator and fixed up a time to speak to him . He was warm and immediately gave time. I tried to know more about him while he explored my Air Force background and chess passion. During conversation he also told me that her was Finalist in Chess Championship held at IIT Kanpur in 200x?. With a score of 7.5 he had 0.5 adavantage over the other finalist.  After around 35 moves his opponent offered a draw but he declined. The adversary came back to win the game and he was Runners up. He told me a lot of anecdotes on Chess and appeared pretty passionate about the game. By the time we ended our conversation , i had already kept him on a high pedestal and thought winning against him was beyond my capabilities. A descent fight would be good enough. In my thoughts I reconciled myself to take pride in the tag of Runners up at the Siemens PLM Chess Championship 2008


David  Armoring up 

 My heart however wanted me to go for the best ever game of my life and play very good attacking chess. I asked my Boss if I could take a day off to prepare for the finals and he gave an instant go ahead.This is what I admire about great managers like him
                    I spent half the day at home reading chess strategies and commandments and later, I was in office  sorting some issues.

The Setting

The final day arrived, the invitation mail was sent to all company persons to watch the match. THe top floor Yoga room was selected for the purpose.The large glass windows showed picturesque hills and also burgeoning skyline of this IT industry hub Hinjewadi of Pune. Some years back Kasparov and Karpov had played their World championship match on the top floor of WTC. The vast skyline  the sorroundings gave a feeling which was something like that. At the center of room, the game was set. There were chairs for audience and we expected a decent audience of atleast the guys who had played in the tournament but till the last minute we had no audience other than the organiser, photographer and a security man.

The bigul

We begun right on time and with black pieces i didnt know when i would get a chance to attack. First initial moves we fought for central control and RK was the first one to exchange pieces. I knew i had to be very sharp to get offensive. I started threatening all his center pieces and in the process opened up 2 long diagonasl on which my bishops had a free reign.

Locking Horns

                               The amount of force Rk accumulated in center was unprecedented. I started working under disguise from this stage onwards. While , i gave him an impression that I will be still attacking the center, my hidden intention was to open an attack on the h(Kingside Rook) file. By this time a large no. of spectators had slowly collected in the hall and the eyeballs started grabbing the war of wits on board . I do not know how many ;but must be close to 20 odds were watching the battle with bated breath. The atmosphere was charged. For all the slaughters on board there were only silent screams.
 His h file was weakened as he moved more resources in center. Never before in my life I had seen such big fortification and struggle for control of central squares.  While i castled my king to safe position, he decided not to. As the pressure on center mounted, he brought almost 8 pieces to guard his King’s pawn. I diverted my attack on the h file and fourtunately he exchanged a pawn  which opened my h file. Now I was ready to mount a mammoth attak on that file . i launched an offensive and ripped open his corner fortification. His king, uncastled ,became vulnerable to my pieces which where highly mobile. With my attack in full force and he was rendered defensive. I found that with each new attack he had to spend more time thinking his defenses. At one stage he wanted to launch counterattack by placing his Knight in side my territory but I promptly nullified it by exchanging it with a bishop. At that stage he was only left with 5 minutes or more where as I had almost 17 minutes to finish. With equal no. of pieces on both sides, I realised even spending some time will secure me a win. But there  I was in relentless attacks I was 2 moves away from getting annihilated by his forces. His Queen already making inroads into my h flank

                     The Mid riff Bared 😉 

          I started challenging his King from all directions and drove him out of the shell. With hardly few minutes to go, I found that his Queen was standing alone. I do not know why, I put my Queen in such a place where either he had to move  his queen or exchange it. The exchange I calculated would work in my favor as I was in better attacking position.  With a series of checks his immediate focus was his King’s most favorable position  . He moved his King one step. I was gauging his motive but ..suddenly he screemed- ” Isssssh… ” and I immediately looked back on board. His Queeen was available for  capture free. With a swift move I captured it. The hall broke in raptures..there were claps all around . He shook my hands and hurriedly wanted to move.The Champ was dethroned and it was a new beginning for me. The unexpected had happened. The jubiliation started and my first tournament Win was under the belt. This victory has tought me a lot. The discipline, the dedication, the focus, passion, optimism, diligence and parents blessing had all gone into securing this win. This counts amongst one of the happiest days of my life and secures greater committment to perfection in the game.   I am just wondering about Kasparov’s latest book – ” Life immitates Chess”  if it does, then …. its lots of good times ahead 😉

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