Deciding not to drag horses to water when they wont drink

The following mail on the eve of Grand Finale has evoked a lot of responses from people. This is a predicament every leader would face.  King Leonidas faced it when his own countrymen didnt want him to fight a war. This is what we face in a modern IT company. Your own men who are reluctant to contribute to the winning cause. Read on… 

        Reflecting on the event, I am sure we had the highest potential to Win this War.
We have fought well and emerged on Top/Finalists of some events.
With a little bit of spark from some nimble feet we could have increased our tally significantly today but its sad ,we shall go unrepresented in the Dance Event. The response of Spartans to Clarion calls from Archana anjd Supriya for Dance event was abysmally low. We had to call off our participation in this.
When our  postion  slips further probably we will have our Work schedules as our shields but our Conscience will prick us. For the honor of our battallion , probably some amongst could have done away with half an hour of coffee break or leisure surfing or reading a forward or attending a call or overcome the inertia of coming together for meeting or practice. The aura of victory which we carry with us is what stays with us through out our lives. Its the avoidable loss which will haunt us.
An optimist, I will still dream of some Angel dancers coming in the last minute and dance to the glory…Alas , I had more soldiers who believed in miracles.
Nevertheless, lets all be there this evening to celebrate some of our victories with clappings which will send  down sudders. Thats the least we can do to honor those who brought pride to our Team Spartans



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