Growing political parochialism in India: A Tamil, Maharashtra paradigm

I have greatest regard for the immense contribution people from Tamilnadu have done for the nation. We have Rahman who delivers mindblowing music movie after movie , CV raman’s discoveries on scattering of light, APJ Abdul Kalaam’s contribution to Missile program , Mani Ratnam’s amazing movies ,Shiv mani’s precussions etc. The color of Indian fabric will be shorn of its liveliness if these contributors are removed. The mark made by their artists and scientists are immemorial and indelible.

If we turn our perspective to the damage to national harmony their politicians have brought about for their narrow gains we can stand shell shocked.

Tamil nadu probably is the only state in India where Supreme court ruling ” Reservations in any case should not cross 50% mark” is blatantly ignored. Probably its the only state which by its Ordinance shamelessly gave 75% reservation and continues to do so.  There doesnt appear anytime line inhorizon when these ghastly ordinances will be revoked. This primarily is to cater to voting population which gets swayed by it . Its worthy to note that middle class and upper class do not vote as much in India because of poll violence and long queues whcih are there on booths .The poor and unemployed on the other hand can be lured into voting for small sums of money/food/liquor/free conveyance to vote etc . They are less afraid of violence, sometimes they can be easily dragged out to vote. They have daily wage earning and narrow/ immediate  gains as their sole vision. Immmediate large scale reservation  in education is a bait which works for them. Just imagine giving them reservation to an emaciated Somali labor in World Wrestling arena without building his body or teaching him fighting tricks. Politicos know that education is one place where the downtrodden will be eventually crushed by their lack of preparedness to clear tests but in shame they will suffer without blaming them. A reserved student on an average spends 50% more time getting degree and on most times twice that of a general student. In Engineering I have seen reserved students spending upto 14 yrs and yet not getting a degree.   Its for this voting class that these dirty cards are played by so called emancipators.  Lamed by lack of mental muscle they wriggle far behind the general students whose toil make them swift horses galloping elegantly over all the obstacles which come in form of tests. The confidence of these struggling reserved students is shattered and they find it hard competing for jobs their more nimble and agile students easily corner. With deprecated confidence Govt jobs seem to be their only asylum. Now then there are vicious policies of even reserving promotions for them. The question, then is , are reservations meant to help them or make them lame for life ? Can compromising on competency at every step  expose them to real tests ever ? Can they ever become brave enough to stand on their own. Shamelessly, son of an MP ( who earns crores in 5 yrs tenure) claimed reservation to be a doctor and having become that went on to become a minister and now wants a reservation for his son in education.

Again take the case of resisting National language. Tamilnadu is the only state in india which doesnt communicate with the Central govt in Hindi. ( It has 2 language policy Tamil and English) . Just look at the ploy in this again. The upperclass Tamils embrace Hindi (Rahmaan composes in Hindi, Rajnikant; Kamal Hasan also acted in Hindi movies. Hema Malini, Sridevi made mark as Diva in Hindi Cinema and so did Mani Ratnam and even P chidambaram. All the people from Tamilinadu who have embraced Hindi seem to have grown exponentially . All Officers and soldiers in armed forces from Tamil nadu speak very good  and even chaste Hindi. Those who embrace have prospered.  Those who could/ did not were relapsed to ignominy or regional success only. Recently, one recruitment manager from a major MNC based in Chennai told me that we face greastest challenge in attracting talent. No body from North wants to go even 1degree south of Bangalore. The job calls for Chennai are immediately trashed by all good professionals and the state is facing talent crunch. Bulk of the graduates passing are from one quota or the other and have never worked hard enough in life to get admissions or jobs. Add cultural closed doors and you have a fully naturalized ghetto in the country where only the disabled non domiciled would go. This brings to question , while the Politicos who exploit voting population with these  anti Hindi bashing/reservations to gain power, are  they not throwing their own supporters decades behind? This is like betraying the very people who helped them.

Denying the general students even 50 % seats would mean that brighter meritorious general students would migrate to other states rather than languish. The reserved students getting assured admissions would study less hard, thus reducing quality of graduates. Which would mean lesser pay. Overall the state and its voting population stands to loose in long term. While the middle class and upper class embrace other languages and reasonable judgements openheartedly ,its the downtrodden who are made to oppose this to their own peril.
The unfortunate part is , the devil has struck again, and this time in form of Raj Thackeray in Maharashtra. He is reusing the politically tried, tested and stinking means of Reservations and language war to throw the downtrodden in the state backwards. Only heavens will tell when this blood sucking politicking will end. The worst part now is that even some educated Maharashtrians are biting the bait and turning chauvnistic. award of reservations to Gujjars is one of the dirtiest game played by BJP in recent times. This may cascade into other states and the time is not far when there will be 80- 90 % reservation to gain electoral advantage. The general student and population will have to migrate to study. Its a shame that those who were descendents of Lord Krishna ( Kshatriyas) today take alms in forms of Reservation. I wonder how Bhartendu Harish Chandra today could have gone beyond ” Ha  Ha Bharat durdasha dekhi na jaayee” without using unparliamentary words

6 thoughts on “Growing political parochialism in India: A Tamil, Maharashtra paradigm

  1. Very Candid analysis by Virendra on how partisan protests against Hindi reek of regional identities rather than National identity. Today in the following Non Hindi states I have seen it seamlessly integrated with the regional culture and landuage. The native language is given in bracket. Rajasthan ( Marwari, Mewari), Punjab(Punjabi), J&K(Dongri, Urdu) Uttarakhand( Garhwali, Hadoti), Bihar( Bhojpuri), UP( Maithili), Chhatisgarh(Chhatisgarhi), Orisssa( Oriya) , Assam ( Assamese), Andhra ( Telugu and Urdu). The list is growing.
    Bangalore has no problem with Hindi.
    The last fortress of Hindi bashers , it seems have reclined to Tamilnadu. I do not know if Kerala has any such reservations but with tourism booming it has to accommodate Hindi .
    The hate environment created in Maharashtra is a deceptive divisionary politics to garner votes.


  2. Kumar is pointing out how Hindi is not necessary to be learned by quoting from the constitution. The truth is that Hindi could not be made national language because of Dravidian protests ( you could read from some history books on this). Maybe not de-jure, but de facto Hindi is the national language on the virtue of its pan India appeal and also because Hindi speaking people consider their regional identities secondary to their national identity.

    This is the reason Hindi dominates and spreads every day. This is also the reason that most national leaders come from the Hindi belt. Now if you resist Hindi unreasonably, you isolate yourself from the national mainstream and become confined to regional identities. The example is some sections of Maharashtrian politicians who proclaim that there is greater rashtra than ‘the’ rashtra .. Maha-rashtra, the basis? Marathi identity based on Marathi language : though this identity doesn’t even span the whole maharashtra, but only the western part of it ( the eastern part, Vidharbha is completely alienated by the Maratha leaders). This is the kind of regional identity based on regional languages that is becoming a great threat to the Indian nation.


  3. The problem is not with a state using a language to communicate. Every state must have liberty to do this. The underlying point is the parochialism with which this is practiced in this state.

    Just see armed forces/ NSG which are the biggest unfier in India. The lingua franca there is not English but Roman Hindi. In my batch of 24 officers ( There was one from Kasargode Kerala, one from Bengaluru, another from Guwahati and some from Garhwal or Kolkata. We all conversed more in Hindi than English , though every body was Fluent in english. All written communication used to be in Hindi though in English script. Yehi hai right choice bhidu ..Saare desh ko jodne ka..
    Language bol ke kisi ko ladane ka nahi


  4. Why you are you mixing language and reservations points.

    What we can clearly understand from your link that their is no national language in india we got about 22 official languages.Hindi is the official language sof Hindi states Bihar,UP,MP,chattisgarh & of the non hindi speaking states have there own official language like marathi,gujarati,kannada,tamil,telugu..etc..Now what is your problem by tamilnadu following tamil as per official languges act 1963.

    “Neither the Constitution of India nor Indian law specifies a National language. Article 343 of the constitution specifies that the official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script. Article 354 specifies that the legislature of a State may by law adopt any one or more of the languages in use in the State or Hindi as the Language or Languages to be used for all or any of the official purposes of that State.[5] Section 8 of The Official Languages Act of 1963 (as amended in 1967) empowers the Union Government to make rules regarding the languages which may be used for the official purposes of the Union, for transaction of business in Parliament, and for communication between the Union Government and the states”


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