Why do we stay put in some jobs ? An analogical metaphor

I have come across many people who have variety of reasons why they want to change /stay in their current jobs.  Very rarely they have convincing answers to this. Having thought deeply on this subject, I came across some interesting observations and analogies.

Analogies are one of the best ways to reuse success in one field to produce dramatic effects in another. Kirchoff’s laws on electrical resistances  solved a lot of resistance netowrk probelms.

The theory of heat transfer was solving a lot of problems on thermal conductivity in its own way for long.  Then they realised that if we invert thermal conductivity to coin a term thermal resistance , we can re use a lot of  insulation problems by using Electrical current analogy. This helped rapid advances in heat theory.


Coming to people staying put or hopping out of jobs, There is an analogy with long distance train journey. We often book tickets for long train journeys. THe considerations are point to point connectivity, fast movement, limited stops , convenient time to entrain, detrain etc. The journey is a journey and we get down once our destination has come.


Apply the same analogy to your association to your career /life’s journey. The first thing to find is where you want to go. This may not produce easy /prompt answers. A lot of soul searching/ introspection , discussion with family might provide the answers.

Once done, ask the people woh have travelled that destination which is the best route for that. Book your self a ticket / course for that journey. Know for yourself if you would like to travel longer than what you originally intended.

Once the organisation has taken you there just get out of it. Plan some more journey and take the same or other organisation to reach your goal. Following this approach saves a lot of indecision . Its just an idea. All depends on you as a person , how strongly you are able to map train journeys with your career journey.  The better you implement your own journey more will be the gains form reusing one of the most evloved transportation system, 


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