Manmohan Metamorphosis- Arrival of a grey idealist

Bernard Shaw was once asked – Why do you contradict some of the assertions you so strongly propagated a few years back ?.

His answer was – “ Show me a person who doesn’t change with time, If I don’t change will I not be stale and stinking. The very fact that I change my views  and opinions is a testimony that I am alive and awake”.

This brings me to adages. Earlier , “ Try , try and try again till you succeed” and now , “ Try , try and try again and then give up… No use being a damned fool about it.. “So if the commandment which I learnt in military college “ If you have been given a clear objective and you don’t have means, Go – Beg , borrow or steal  were to appear in a new avatar , it will be “ GO, Beg, borrow , steal or Rob” today.


Some years ago Shahrukh when asked what was his world view of competition had said- “When climbing up on a rope I wont pull the leg of man ahead but tell him, Look whats on your leg?? And as he looks down , I’ll zip ahead..  This is the new face of yuppie India where humans don’t appear in black or white but in various shades of grey.. Shining white shirts no longer form the standard corporate attire… We have started admiring bosses who come riding bicycles to work and sport fine polka dots on their crisp cottons 😉


We need more Krishnas in this age .. A Sanskrit proverb says- Never be fully straight in life. Straight trees are the one which are cut first in the forest .. coz they readily form good furniture. Its good that wise old Singh has added a little twist to his image. J

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