Terror amenable scriptures. Who will do the interpretations right?

  1. Jameel( Name changed) ,An engineer from Jamia who reported to me some time back said once – In the Interpol list of top 20 global terrorist 18 are Muslim, Does this tell you any thing ? The wrongs done by America against us in Mid East will give rise to more.  
  2. Another friend of mine to whom I reported once, Akhtar(Name changed), tells me that he has never been able to avail the connecting flights he books in US. The reason, his name maps perfectly with a top20 terrorist. Every time he lands there, they just make him sit for 3 hours in a cabin and watch his reaction before letting him move.  
  3. Aziz premji on a visit to US was stripped down to his undergarments because he thinks his name Aziz arose suspicions.  

Considering that almost all terrorist attacks in India off late have been claimed by one or the other Islamic Radical Groups, the genesis and seepage of this militant psyche needs to be deeply interrogated ,analyzed and eliminated. 

Why the militant fire which percolated the Sikh psyche now has disappeared where as it continues to flourish in the minds of Afzal and Abid. 

Why the youth in Madarsas have such low flashpoints and gleefully become trigger/detonator happy? 

Are rational progressive Muslims like Saeed Naqvi, Md Hasan, Zakir Naik or Kalaam really a Minority in minority?  

What is it in the Islamic scriptures which can be so easily misinterpreted to go on merciless killing. I read in history book that Taimoor Lung interpreted from Quran that all Kafirs have to be either converted or brought to sword. With that interpretation and military might he had rivers of blood flowing everywhere he went from Kabul to Delhi.

There seems to be a hell lot of work that needs to be done to make people “Lose their illusions” on both side

These thoughts were triggered by a story ,a friend of mine sent to me today

Learn from Gujjars: Indian Mujahideen

Press Trust of India

Sunday, July 27, 2008, (New Delhi)

The little known terror group Indian Mujahideen, which has claimed responsibility for the serial blasts in Ahmedabad, has said in an email sent to media houses that minority community in Gujarat should take a cue from the Gujjar agitation in Rajasthan.

‘If a petty population of Rajasthani Gujjars can use force for fulfilling their needs, then are we even more subjugated than them?’, reads the email sent by the terror group, suspected to be a shadow amalgam of banned SIMI and Pakistan-based Lashker-e-Taiba, minutes before the Ahmedabad explosions.

The Gujjar agitation for ST status, with its epicenter in Rajasthan was witnessed by the country for more than a fortnight in May and June.



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