In an offshore software developement project I recently heard an interesting story. In this, the Program Manager in US who was owner of the project tried to find an easy scapegoat. The case was that of an Environment person Onsite not able to get the Development environment “Up and Operational ” and tried to blame it on the Developers .The Program manager supported his onsite Lieutenant and got ballistic on the Offshore team. What followed was an interesting war in search of truth and self esteem by the offshore team. Interesting to look at the summary 5 minutes presentation planned for this

The build
The build
The result

2 thoughts on “Onsite Punches Offshore rebounds, A case study

  1. A usual open and shut case when someone invites you into a boxing ring for a fight when you dont actually want to. Once in the ring , when you have your gear up and the challenger ducks and refuses to take a fight .. Its a walk over . I fail to see any other result in such cases


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