New Trade Licenses and emerging Goonda raj in India

Going by the recent spate of events in Bengal and Maharashtra , it seems that there is utter collapse in law of land .  The way local leaders are able to hold projects of national/ international interests ,it seems we will add another layer of bureaucracy for investments. Clearance from most hooliganistic Opposition leader before contemplating investments in that state .

It seems very likely that all big Industrial houses will take Momta Di’s blessings before CM to contemplate setting business there.  The projects will have to be Momta compliant  to take root.The same will be true for Maharashtra ,where people will have to get blessings of Raj before operating.

The appology by Jaya for her sppech is most unfortunate . The real politik requires that you speak the words which alligators of land approve.

Taking Raj’s argument of pulling down billboards not written in Marathi, I wish he issues a diktat that hence forth all software companies working in Maharashtra need to code in Marathi..

This will bring  ‘ Paryanta’ for while ,, ‘Apwaad taka’ for throw exception etc .. prbably if they apply their energies in developing a Marathi compiler it will have the following two benefits.

1. It will generate a lot of employment for the Marathi manoos. The problem he is so eager to solve.

2. The world will move hassle free to carry on its business in English and other languages till then .

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