Cultural Assault on Pune’s Habitat


I am waiting for this action to begin
I am waiting for this action to begin


  I strongly admire the campaign launched by local manoos in putting Marathi signboards and ensuring that every thing in the state should have native names and connotations. I am surprised how they missed out on the great assault Builder , promoter community is inflicting on the culture of city of Pune and around . I wish they notice the names of societies and housing projects which are launched in Wakad, Aundh, Hadapsar etc.

  1. Regalia
  2. Edenn Garden
  3. Megapolis
  4. Capprichio
  5. Megapolis
  6. Blue Ridge
  7. Apostrophe
  8. Blue dale
  9. Rose land and Blah Blah…..

Why cant they be named

  1. Rajkeeya wada
  2. Manu Watika
  3. Bhavya wada
  4. Lalchi ghar
  5. Maha gaothan
  6. Neel pahadi 
  7. Ardhviram vada
  8. Gulab Peth …etc..

They need to collect all their resources and start blackening , boards of these societies and send warning to these builders and their residents to either localize their names as shown above or pack their bags. Enough is enough. We cant let the rich culture of this great city be desecrated by this builder community.. After all what are the terms caprice ,Regal, Mont Vert supposed to mean to a manoos..

I strongly suggest a campaign to eradicate these names from the landmarks of this Punya nagari. This probably will gain them more headlines on TV channels and also galvanize more followers in his fold.. This will mean bigger vote bank.Also , this can generate a lot of revenue to the state as every builder has to re register their society name. Local advocates will make more money in processing this legal process. Local signboard painters will get a lot of employment .. All their brochures need to be printed in local language.. This will give lot of native writers a chance to write flashy campaigns.  Further when investors come to invest , they wont be able to understand any name, specification, brochure etc and they would need translators. Imagine how many translators we would need and millions on jobs which can be generated .There is so much to do .. to reconstruct these cities ..we cant afford to get tired.. The show must go on.. Let us open this front too..

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