The Singur Reflection – Multiple perspectives

The site of truck loads taking dies and equipment from Singur is going to be an ever lasting memory for the residents , well wishers, farmers, Industrial workers , and every one associated with this erstwhile  leading Industrial state of India. While the hope is that the State doesnt slip into an economic abyss, the mood and sentiment can only be other wise. Here is what can probably come into minds of various categories of people when looking back.

  1. The Corporate community :  Fools die hard. Ratan was a damned fool, we advised him not to look at this plagued state but he was iridiscent. He said- ” If I am convinced about something , I will say so even if some body puts a revolver on my temple. I am convinced that Singur is the place from which first Nano should roll out”. Probably , his conviction was as good as Muhammad Tughluq who had great vision and conviction  but was killed because of his lack of real politik and practicality. Its good we did not follow his lead. Satyam has pulled out its investment plan. Infosys has frozen its investment plan of 1500 crore and is said to be contemplating expanding in Pune rather than this Bhodrolok. HM had long back realised this and moved its Lancer production to Chennai. Last time , Bhodro lok(Gentlemen) had fingered ITC and they had threatened to pull its head quarters out of Kolkata. That was the last time communist itch had surrendered to coroporate vexation. Probably its the state where only meideval agricultural techniques or strikes can flourish.
  2. The Educated working class : We do not know how long we will have to suffer this communist rule or rowdies like Momota di. We need to migrate to states like Maharshtra, Bangalore, NCR for our livelihood but what if there is backlash and the sons of soil in those states start beating/ pushing us to where we belong. J&K , North East and Maharshtra are already becoming immigrant hostile. Where shall we return to ? I have never voted in the state ( My work, my fear for Bombs, my disgust about contesting candidates etc) and that doesnt encourage any one with my kind to even think of contesting. Its the chengdas(ruffians) who vote and its their reps who get elected. I cant do any thing for my state but dream. Dream that some day things will change and they will become better. Its then, I will come back and enjoy the Bhalo pukur(pond), misti(sweets) and Aab hawa batash( the weather and air) of Baangal.                                                                                                                       
  3. The Environmentalists  : Thank god the industry is gone. Now we will have eco friendly fields where trees will grow and the nature can grow unfettered. I have heard that tatas spread a lot of ash and chemicals on the plant ground  to ensure that flora /fauna do not grow and cripple the foundation of concrete. So this will ensure that no crop will grow there for next 10 ytears. We must launch an awareness campaign on the ecological damage caused due to this and sue tatas. This will add to their already monstrous 1500 crore loss but catching such a big corporate house on wrong environment foot will make us more famous and let us grab more news headlines and donations from world over.
  4. The romantics of Bengal  : We will no longer have the cacophony of blaring furnaces , lathes, and sheet metal stomping noise. Late in the evenings Goru and gaadhas( cows and donkeys) will plough the fields ,the bells around their neck will ring sweeet sounds around which I will compose a sweet poem about a beautiful bhodro mohila(Gentle lady) who is cooking Eylish( Most revered fish) in the open kitchen.. We will have more Shanti(peace) in aamader gram(our village) and we will sing melancholy strains.
  5. The Commies  : Oh Lenin, this lady has turned our nemesis or is it our own wrong doings. By Marx we were never supposed to support Industry and are born to put thorns in the flesh of all industrialists. We must confess the unholy marriage between Buddha and Tata. We must crucify him and make him pay for his sins. We ridiculed him for deriding Bangla Bandhs and hartals.  Now , Momta has hijacked our ideals and taken up the case of chasees(peasant farmers). Now we must go back to our basics and launch a fresh rounds of protibaad(protests) and hortaals(Strikes).   For all captalists entering Bong Bhoomi we  probably can put this


 —- to be continued

6 thoughts on “The Singur Reflection – Multiple perspectives

  1. Alrighty , so we need agriculture, great ! and I second that, but I was thinking what happens to the “bekaar” and “berozgar” junta who are fishing around the ganga (not selling the fish). Will the farmers ask these guys to come and cultivate their land and even if they do, will these guys be paid to a sustainable amount? A “balance” of industry and agrculture is a must. I am sure we do not have the former in plenty to match the later. All industries because of “dharna baaji” (the favourite of a typical kolu bengali) are closed… Damn! We (I am a bengali too) have produced to many laureates but probably have not implemented their thoughts! Hopefully the sun will shine brighter some day !


  2. 1 Political agenda is seldom driven by whats good for the nation.Its often based on what will strike chord with the population which actually votes ( the Backwards/the economically deprived among minorities ). Its a undocumented fact that sedan driving , laptop wielding populace would rather watch a flick in multiplex ..

    2. Corporates will take years to acuquire a land for industry and some dissenting plot owners would ask heavens if holding a strategic plot . So govt only has to procure land.

    3. The aspiring youth of Bengal do not stay put there. Those who stay put are content with Pukurer Machh ( Pond Fish) , Padar Aadda ( Local Gossip house) and Hortaals( Strikes to attain Nirvana.

    4. If conspiracy theory is to be believed Momta Di might have laughed all the way to crores in her Swiss bank( Tata’s competitors might have funded her resolve) and lakhs of illiterate devotees in her Vote bank. She probably might be tying up with some other MNCs to derail other competitive project. A state which has leaders like Momta and Jyoti probably will never need an enemy


  3. Finally TATAs have taken a decision of moving out of Singur. While I agree with your post that we in India need to work on improving our agricultural productivity and maximising the yield yet the industries are the backbones of any economy. It is highly shameful that here in India the agriculture is so much neglected. Shouldn’t it be high in agenda as most of our politicians come from the rural background? What I understand is that the land dealings are not done by TATAS directly; it is the state Government which deals with the acquisition of the land. Now as Nano is rolling out of WB what will happen to thousands of farmers who sold their land and thousands of aspiring youth who would have grabbed plum jobs in the Nano factory ? Can Mamta Bannerji sleep well today?


  4. I have some thoughts :

    1. Leaving the politicking aside , This was probably the first time Bengal was on a path of resurgence. Ironically, The left was progressive. The intent was good. The hooligans have spoiled the party. they had no right to take this extreme view and block the wheels of progress.

    2. Nano is an economic and technological innovation which the world is still trying to discover. CAD, PLM, optimization, SCM,styling.. You name any state of art Technology, Its an amalgamation of all. If a new car is to be resisted, then lets shoot all innovators who bring in cheaper, faster and better products. With a smaller engine lesser gross weightd and better combustion its supposed to be good to environment and bring descent transportation tool in reach of every one. Its a disruptive innovation which needs to prevail over all scoffings.
    3. Bengal is not Bad : Bengal has the best potential among all states of India. In education, creativity, institutions, think tank , port, IIT , you name it. Probably its afflicted by AIDS ( A result of bedding Commies for too long ) and now getting wooed by another nuisance called Trinamul.


  5. In any conflict, othering has become an easy thing to do. The pangs of Tata is discernible. The critics of the left have double joy: lampooning the lefty and mamta. Mamta and Priyranjan Das were in congress earlier, sworn enemies of the Left but also fell apart due to internal intraparty conflict. Now they have joined hands inadvertantly again against the left. Politics can take any angle, color and turn.

    Marwaris’ dislike, if this can be said, for the Bengalis–Bhadralog who despise monied business class–is understandable. Sometimes wars are fought by proxies, by slaves and mercenaries who are paid.
    I am wondering how many cars and their types do India needs when it is not able to supply food and fire to the majority. I am agaist any new car and their import also.
    Indian youths have completely abandoned the very Idea of India which is sustainable, decent and mutually agreeable. My world, rest is immaterial (even can go to hell) is very disturbing.
    There is a scope for midpath. Nano could have been possible if in advance the compensation principles and rehabilitation were handled sincerely. I donot beleive government and developers who say something and do something. mamta gives one important lesson: if you are willing to sacrifice and have the courage of conviction and no corrupt profile, people follow you come what may. Bad all suffered and a political maverick won,but not without a sense of injury and dilemma. Is Bengal so bad and the people so despicable that marwaris can make fun of them when out? Hasan


  6. I echo the voices of this article. However at the same time I pity on myself (who got a better oppurtunity outside Bengal) and the Bhodroloks who have taken the state to such a height. The think-tank of the Kolkata city’s (so called the heart of Bengal) best colleges/institutions have not even taken a simple step to see that such disasters do not happen. The “Khawa-Adda-Ghum” atttitude of the bengalis in Kolkata will take them nowhere and people like Mamta (She cannot even speak properly) will reap benefit out of the whole thing! I guess sometimes I think people there are too literate to indulge themselves into some revolution! Will the state change for better ? Not for another 20 years says my head but my heart still sees a ray of hope!


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