Top 5 Indian contenders for Obama’s Team


5. Jyoti Basu : “Change” is the biggest thing he promised during election. Now that he has changed USA to his advantage he must consolidate and ensure thatno further change occurs which makes him loose power. There is no other better symbol of stability after Jyoti Da. He stuck to his CM sheet like he is welded to it for 22 yrs. If Obama holds on his sesat for 22 yrs what else can he ask for

4. Narendra Modi : India’s biggest face against terrorism,he can help devise tough laws against terrorism . We can have TADA( Terrorist and Disruptive Activities(Prevention) Act), POTA ( Pervention of Terrorist activities), NaPOTA( Narendra POTA) and can do fast clean up of terrorist any where ( Afghanistan, Pakistan.. )he desires.

3. Laloo Prasad : He has turned the railway’s fortunes and for the first time only in his tenure this fledgling Govt unit turned profitable. He can probably turn around US economy too.Making Kullhad ( Soil made disposable cups) will generate a lot of employment for US people who have lost jobs and will be good for environment .

2. Mamata Banerjee : She has shown great guts in driving Tata away from Bengal in name of helping local people. She can leverage this experience to drive the Japanese car makers ( Toyota, Suzuki, Honda) away .tHat will save the bankruptcy of GM and create a budging market for obsolete Chevrolets.

1. Raj Thackeray : With his rich experience in MNS he can give valuable advise to make US Nav nirman Sena. The beating of job earners, H1s , Green card holders will ensure that the immigrants will be scared away. Thus more local jobs and less immigrant population. Perfectly aligns with the Manifesto and can be a terrific Hanuman he is really so madly in love with

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