Bombay Terror attack – 3 basic steps to secure the nation

Just another blast

Some hue and some cry

The Pseuds pretend

 TRPs hit the sky.

What shall we do now ?

Blame the Pakis

Hail Army, NSGs

Rename Security a Faki ( Sham)

Shall shed some tears

Forget our fears

Scoff at Checks and

Wait for another Wreck .



I am no expert on macro security aspects.There is  some common sense which tells me that unless we put basic things right in this country, we are and  we will remain sittng ducks to terror. They will ravish our cities and institutes mercillessly .  Put in are some thoughts are 3 major affliction and their possible remedy which I believe can make a sea of difference

Disease #1. No identity for majority : Till date , a large population in India is without one singular identity proof. Its easier for terrorists to dissolve in such herds and prepare for destruction. its very difficult for those in security to ascertain true identity of a suspect. While there is so much SUCK about  reservation, interlinking of river or sending Chandrayan to moon, a simple exercise of providing Electronic ID( SSN) to all citizenswill probably take half a decade. (An expense of Rs 5000crore Considering Rs 50/person for 100 crore people) .  If Rs 60,000 crore can be given as loan waiver in one shot to farmers to gain vote, then probably to identify oneself in 1/10th of amount is not too much.

Cure :  Identify all citizens and make it easy for those in security to recognise the infiltrators, jackals among the sheeps,beasts among beauties . Who knows how many Bangladeshis,Pakis and Arabs are living in which guile here. Even after 60 yrs of independence there are people who can live their lives without having any identification proof.  We have not  Make it easy to verify the credential/ crime records of individuals by  simply swiping their cards. Let every one in the nation from an urchin to uber corporate have one unique ID mechanism

Disease #2. Poorest quality leaders : Just because a good amount of learned dont vote, the leaders elected are such that:

a) They wont tire of licking a lady’s feet and seek her blessings to even pee. The rewards for that are Governorship, Home ministry ,Presidency, election tickets etc.

b) Even in times of crisis they would try to get one upmanship . I came over first on site, Prime minister probably will take more time to come or may not come.

c) They are octa/nona genarians, cant walk ,stand carry their own load : They would carry the load of nation

d) Their sons, son’s son and their spouses shall inherit the nation and leadership. These Silly Stupid Scionsclaim that there are a thousand Obamas in this country. Their own claim to party tickets and post is their father. We are yet to see even one tenth of one Obama in the current crop. 

e) Will defend blast convicts and call it conspiracy against Hinduism

f) Will wait till their own death to see that Afzal guru is not hanged.

g) An NCP parliamentarian rescued from Taj says – ” I enjoyed myself in the hotel room for 30 hours and  prepared full program for my next election.

Such eye sores will continue to infest the firmament and lead us till we all take a pledge to vote and participate in the Nation’s governance. Its when everybody in nation decides to participate, that natural leaders like Obama come to top. Our nation still has leaders whose voice is bereft of emotion even in times of calamity or whose manhood stopped rising decades ago. A leader is some one like Ratan Tata whose words are- ” None of us are going to forget. My message is that the Govt and state authorities should also not forget. ” .

Cure  : Make voting compulsary for every one. Make it easy by giving multiple options to vote- online,at work, By post etc .  A leader is some will like Narendra Modi who for infrastructure demolishes all illegal tenenements whether they are temple or anything else. Who is decisive enough to give business approvals in a week. The one who deals with terrorism with Iron hand and is not appollogetic. Who is content serving his own state rather than having premature political ambitions. 

Disease #3) Rendering Acts impotent : With utter disbelief and angst one can hear the PM after Mumbai blast that National Security Act will be enforced now. the question is was he thinking of its usage for wiping his and partymen’s a*** with it till now. How long shall we create TADA/ POTA /NSA /MCOCA and then castrate them ? When our behinds are on fire , we will tell we shall enforce it .  The fact is 19 out of 20 most dreaded terrorist declared by Interpole are Islamic . 10 out of 10 terrorist of Mumbai attack are Islamist. There is something great in those preachings which produces such steady crop of terror messiahs .If the acts to weed out this malaise will kick Islamic terrorism in butt , it bloody well should. If these acts suck the blood of Hindu fundamentalist dry , it should.

( Cartoon courtesy Google images and samsonblinded)

Cure : Implement acts and laws to safegaurd our nation in letter and spirit. Punish those who diluted their potency. Lets not appease the muslim brothers for 5 years atleast.  Let all the mandirs and madarsah of hate be razed to dust for the nation’s sake  

Lets not throw our own armour to dogs and blame Pakis for a bullet in out chest when we dont ourselves go through these 3 motions right.

3 thoughts on “Bombay Terror attack – 3 basic steps to secure the nation

  1. On the lighter side , These three jokes on the lines of attack are very relevant :

    1. Do not worry about those who have come thru boats…
    Our forces can easily defeat them.
    WORRY about those who have come thru votes….
    Those are our REAL ENEMIES….

    2. What a shame and disgrace to every citizen of India that the elite NSG Force was transported into ordinary BEST buses, whereas our cricketers are transported into state of the art luxury buses, these Jawans lay down their lives to protect every Indian and these cricketers get paid even if they lose a match, we worship these cricketers and forget the martyrdom of these brave Jawans.
    The Jawans should be paid the salaries of the cricketers and the cricketers should be paid the salaries of the Jawans.

    3. An ace shooter shoots and gets gold medal, govt gives 1cr, another shooter dies while shooting terrorist, govt gives 5 lakh.


  2. Incidentally, there are 2 Patils as home ministers of the state and the country respectively. Does this say anything about Marathi manoos’s ability to defend our country or even Maharashtra? Is India the rashtra for Raj thackeray or does Maharashtra mean a Maha( bigger) rashtra than ‘the’ Rasthra ( India )for these people? O! The worshippers of Shivaji, learn from Shivaji and also from the forces with people from all over the India which came to save the Mumbaikars and Marathi manoos from the terrorists.


  3. Very well said. Also, I hear a lot of sissy crying at the TV. They are lighting a few candles ( there were 7 such people) and talking about how we should stand united to fight against terrorism. Also, they are blaming all the governments and parties indiscriminately. First thing, just standing united will not change anything. Secondly , there must be blame put on the people who should be blamed. The blame must be borne by the government of the day which has consistently failed in its duties. The weak PM says in his very weak voice that “we will not spare the perpetarators of this crime ..’ and in another forum after the Bangalore, Gujrat , Rajasthan and Delhi blasts, he says that we must take great care before dealing with minority community members while pursuing the terrorists. This translates into not touching a particular community come what may.

    Thne,there is a joke sitting as a home minister, who is not even invited to the cabinet meetings on security after the most serious incidents( this has happened after Delhi blasts and also today after Mumbai attack). Still this party of crooks does not want to change this man sitting on the most important post concerened with the safety of the nation. The reason ? This will amount to BJP’s victory, so they continue with this incapable fashion guru on that post. Then there is Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh a builder’s dream come true and then there is icing on the rotten cake called Patil, the home minister of Maharashtra, who says ” these things keep happening in cities all over the world”..

    Only when the accountability is put on the right shoulders, these crooks will be compelled to act. So this is the time to isolate the real culprits and make sure that they are not allowed to govern us anymore. We must not follow the platitudes of putting a united face and all and not playing the blame game. Go out and blame the people to be blamed for this crisis.


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