Will you let a politician enter your Home ? Homage to a Major

   The repugnance with which martyred Major Sandeep UnniKrishnan’s father repulsed the CM of Kerala on his door is probably the best ever expression India today has of its politicians .  One can not but empathise with the extreme revulsion these politicians are evoking. Some revulsions were put in the Mumbai terror blog but there are more which keep hitting us: Some snippets

1. At the time of national crisis, the Great Madam and her NCP friends are fighting whether a Dalit or Maratha votebank is to be encashed.

2. The PM cant be assertive enough to say that he wont accept nothing less than ISI chief to visit India and face the evidence.

3. The CM of Maharshtra takes his joker son and film producer to Taj Hotel to be the first to produce movie and encash on the trajedy.

4. The CM of Kerala doesnt think that even a dog would venture to a martyr’s house , if not for the trajedy

As days roll by the list can keep growing longer and our frustration on watching and listening to them will only scale up.  Is there something we can do about this ? May be no but possibly yes. Currently , there is a strong movement in Pune to kick the politicians hard in their butts. If we really want to pay homage to Major Sandeep, here are a few steps.

1. Dont let them enter your home when they come canvassing for votes.

2. Dont vote for seasoned politicians( Those who are in politics for decades or have been voted once). Politics corrupts even saints. The PM proved it during vote of confidence. Recollect the fresh ideas Rajiv Gandhi brought in when he first became PM or the economic reforms Manmohan brought when he first became FM and the dirt he is doing now by implementing reservations and prefixing  Soniyaji on his every speech.

3 Retire them young. When they are fresh they have drive to do good. What motivation will a 10 times parliamentarian have to serve nation then to become Speaker and then say ” Shant Rahiye.. Inko bolne dijiye”.  Let politics not be a long term career but a short service opportunity for all those who want to. A shorter term will ensure that they wont learn tricks of trade to cheat/amass wealth and bleed the nation

4. Terminate all parties :  The petty party ideologies will never let the National interest rise above their stinking culture. With party affiliations come the need to fund party’s coffers and also its corruption machines. If we as Nation could see BJP multiply from 2 seats to 84 and then to 200+ to rule, we can also reduce INC from415 to 175and now to zero.  Let party politics disappear in interest of nation . We can have all independents win and elect a true leader from among themselves. These independents can be professionals who have proved themselves in their chosen fields and can be backed by  corporates to defeat these parties. Media can play a big service by educating the local electorate about the Candidates. imagine Abhinav Bindra as our sports minister, Amartya Sen as planinng commission head, Amitabh Bachhan as cultural minister. Narayan Moorthy as Technology minister, Vijay Mallya as Aviation minister, Ratan Tata for surface transport . If there are no parties , they would gladly accept it as national service for 5 yrs and elect their own worthy leader to be PM.  Today we have Manmohan as PM not because he deserved that post but because Madam could not possibly rule and wants him to be caretaker till her son ascends the throne . Do we really want to let her greedy designs work  ?

The nation is ours and the choice is ours

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