….. And we shall pass as strangers

Some distant moons in past

You took to earth.

This soul too existed

In some frame , it took birth,

You existed and so did I

At different places

Totally indifferent.


The words “You” and “Me”

Beggared for substance

A turn of fate

Or reasons arcane

The space dissolved

The miles collapsed

Yet those meters

Were aplenty

To leave your world

And my world too

Spinning in different planes

Unbridled…. untouched.


We could have passed

As strangers

As you and me are

To many….

But the conjunction

Of space and Time

Dwarfed meters to inches.

Then closed in frames…

It wasn’t strange

In the myriad world

Many had closed in….

And the frames have passed

As Strangers


But in the confluence

Of space and time

It meant as it cajoled

The neurons to

Select loving words

And sing some ode

The words flowed

In vehement mode

Agape at expanse

Of matter in space

Some blood? Some soul?

The beauty it did adore.


But then,the entropy;

The rearrangement

Of mass and energy

Took toll

The trajectories drifted

The affections shifted.

You had your space and

I had mine

Yet spinning in gaiety

It did remind….

Some spaces traversed

Some memories left behind.


Should efforts go in vain?

Do we forever

Persist with the pain?

Probably, we wont.

Gorging alive in the sweltering flame

Shall we pass…

As Strangers

If ever meeting again?


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