L K Advani as PM ?

Leaving all his misgivings aside ( Baburi destruction, Jinnah bootlicking,  Freeing Terrorist, Reaching Bombay to add to security problems post 26/11, ridiculous sense of history and propriety) , I wonder if he is physically fit enough for the most demanding role in the nation.


cartoon : courtesy : desicartoonist.blogspot.com

At 83 , I am sure all his teeth must be implanted replacements, lungs not powerful enough to climb 30 stairs in 5 minutes, kidneys on perennial pressure to clean the bad blood.Must have been good 45 years since he last sprinted. 

Having him on helm would appear like  having to commute daily to office using a 1930 model of a god forsaken car brand. Its good for a car vintage rally held  once in a year but daily usage as a nation’s driver, it would suck.  At his age and fitness , i wont trust him to take a dog across the busy street , let alone entrust the nation.  His projection as a PM reminds me of a story written by Anton Chekov.

 An old widow has her daughter’s husbandvisit her for a night . The lady wants to seduce , and in order to show the guy that she is young, she dresses up exotically and attempts chewing hard crumbs of bread. Her gums give way and they start bleeding.


His is a case of a highly power greedy lech who always had sight set on the throne but always was a misfit. Probably , out of sympathy, ” Last wish before death” he has been projected as a candidate by his party. The sulking baby finally has been given a chance which doesnt truly exist.  . We will never be sure of the time he spends oscillating between hospitals and office. It feels like Sunil Gavaskar is recalled to lead Indian challenge in T20 world cup.

Same is the case with Dr Manmohan who is not fit enough to hold any office. Is there any organization in world which would employ a 75 yr old with muliple health disorders as its CEO? In an era where leadership is getting progressively younger, the state of Indian politics is stinkingly regressive.

Probably , in a country with average  life expectancy of less than 60, expecting a person at 83 to lead is morbid lack of hope or obsessive compulsive necrophilia . Can we for once expect a leader without a single grey . I may be wrong , but I would expect a nation’s leader to be able to :

1. Jog a mile at least in 8 minutes.

2. Write his own speeches.

3. Dress up contemporarily

4. Know the Technologies.

5. Display good taste in sports, art and culture.


Both advani and MM will score zero in this test.

One thought on “L K Advani as PM ?

  1. Its a big relief to see Advani not becoming PM. The sulking baby derived some importance for himself by showing reluctance to be the Leader of Opposition. This partly diverted the attention from his failure. The party men rather than goading him with sharpened knifes started appeasing him to continue. He quickly agreed.


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