BJP ki Jai Ho



Conntrary to Arun Jaitley’s claim that they performed poorly, I feel they have fared  much better than expected and deserved.

 There are not many uneducated Hindu voters  in this country any more. 

We can also count the educated but bereft of intelligence people in the previous category . Their nos. have fast declined

 The BIMARU ( Bihar, MP,Raj, UP ) states too are not mentally BIMAR to fall prey to its stupid free rice /Gehu /Mandir lures. Also the Hindus today are not insecure enough to seek some uber kid to break somebody else’s hand.

Their hitech campaign to put advt on all pornographic sites( They know Sex only sells) too didnt help. Probably , had their top campaigners got their breasts enhanced and flaunted cleavages it woulld have been a better titillation. 

Their allies are already behaving like whore; having fought election on a common plank, now they are looking for a better paying customer. The lotus which comes out of crap probably in political world is as big a crap  itself.

20 -30 seats  across the country roughly covers most of fascist yucks in our country. Considering this,  160 seats in Elections 09  is a great achievement. Though this is still dangerous for harmony of the country

Many Congratulations, their Gaddi in Opposition Benches is barkarar intact . They wont have to miss their slain pimp Mahajan who used to talk on Mool and Sood ( Principal and interest) for forming the govt. In absense of unrequited wish to become PM of India, their Supremo can take a vacation , lick Jinnah’s grave and pray for getting Sitara -E – Imtiaz ( High Pakistani civilian award) . He can then resettle peacefully in Sindh

2 thoughts on “BJP ki Jai Ho

  1. Hi Arun,
    I like your blogs. can you please add me in the list of notifier if any whenever you write new blog.



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