Hello Rajiv Gandhi ! Whats you got to do with it ?

Worli Sea BridgeHello Rajiv Gandhi ! Whats you got to do with it ? We got a brand new bridge. Did you have a dream that you would like to see a bridge like this in Bombay someday ? If yes, the Mumbaikars have had 100 times more nightmares in absence of this. Will you kindly let us rename it Mumbai Spirit bridge? If at all you were associated with this project your contribution is very well given here.


Pyschophancy  in your Congress runs deep and these days pays very well . Each time it has to exceed the previous one to secure a pie. Ashok  Chavan, Vilas rao, Sharad Pawar , Pratibha have revelled in your  Madam’s feet and are where they are today because of this. Once again they are at it and are dragging you in it . Sharad’s suggestion and Ashok Chavan’s seconding it reeks of scoring brownie points with Madam. Dont you think It is insensitive and incongruous to name it after you as you very rarely identified with this city?

Are you not happy and content that your dear Mani Shankar renamed Connaught Place as Rajiv Chowk?  Delhi was your underbelly aint it ? My question is why should you want Sonia to  inaugurate this ? Is it just because its a lasting monument ? Because the expenditure has been 1600 Crores( 5 time over budget )? Because it went 5 yrs behind schedule ? Can you be kind enough to let Major Unnikrishnan’s parents inaugurate this ? This Major if you have not forgotten 26/11 had laid down his life fighting to restore peace to it. Or should it not be a Karkare,  Salaskar or Tambe’s wife. Give it  a thought , the nation will be grateful to you for this generousity.

You were slained serving your party cause; trying to make a comeback after getting voted out on corruption charges. You were killed by Tigers for meddling in internal affairs of  Srilanka ( When you had no business meddling there).  You didnt know you will be blown away. These poor folks Major Sandeep in particular knew he may die saving his fellow soldiers and this city. He carried on in face of imminent danger to his life. Your death gave your party a sympathy wave and landslide victory. Your Madam now has unyielding grip on Indian political firmament. What have these martys got ? People have started forgetting their names. Can you prevent the nation from being ungrateful ?   

You ( Gandhis) are already are a rich family with name sprayed every significant structure or schemes Just see the list of places that have been painted in love for you and your family ( Not exhaustive )

1. J N Nehru Urban Renewal Mission

 2. Indira Gandhi National Open University

 3. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana

4. Rajiv Chowk

 5 Jawahar Aawaas Yojana

 6 Indira Gandhi National Cener of arts

7. Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana

 8 Rajiv Gandhi infotech Park , Pune.

9.  Indira Gandhi International Airport…

10. Rajiv Gandhi Bachat yojana…

The list is forever and end less

Naming everything important in nation on Gandhis is not enough to pay back your great services. We also wish to pay homage to people who died for Mumbai. Will you be kind enough this time to tell your Madam to let this thing go. The nation will repay this kindness by launching a thousand Soniya yojana, Rahul Nagar and Priyanka Space missions. Will you please talk to your brother Congressmen this one time?

Today 4 yrs after writing this article today on 22Jul 2013. I am peeved again . 

A Rs 23 Crore sports complex in Bombay has been named after a person who knew no sport  http://www.mid-day.com/news/2013/jul/210713-rs-23-crore-sports-complex-finally-inaugurated-after-a-year.htm Do save the sycophancy of Congressis and the misfortune of the country.

13 thoughts on “Hello Rajiv Gandhi ! Whats you got to do with it ?

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  2. The only thing which doesnt have any semblance to world class standards in India are Public Urinals and Sulabh Sauchalayas ( Lavatories ) .. Naming them Rajiv Gandhi Mootralaya of R G Sauchalaya will do a great service to countrymen.


  3. Going through an article on Swine flue update, I found

    Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases (RGICD)at Bangalore. Will Rajiv Ganddhi please tell me what he did for that hospital or Chest diseases ???????

    Will some body tell me how many things across India bear this Son of a Gun’s name


    1. Thanx for linking to my blog and reading my article. My focus was on BWSL mainly. So I just referred to the controversy related to it. Going in to the details would have increased the article’s lenght unnecessarily and would have also killed the soul of what I was referring to.

      And I found some other articles on your blog quite intresting. Would certainly visit here for more. Keep writing.


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