Why more tax rebate to women ?A budgetary crime

The women who work and earn more than Rs 1.5 LPA get their compensation without any discrimination. I have seen no organization in India which would pay women any less if she meets the work criteria.

Further , the women who are earning are most likely to marry men who earn even more.

Now consider a man and woman working in the same organization. Both are married and are drawing salary of Rs 2LPA .The man to a house maker and the woman to a person who earns the same ,if not more. In this case the man shelves a tax of  Rs 4,000/= while the woman gives out only Rs 1000/=. She already has a surplus from her husband’s earning .
 The poor man however finds it difficult to make the ends meet.

This is the bullshit which successive Finance minister has been doling out to India and no body protests. The rebate should be given on need basis and in this case the poor single earning member should get it. I do not know why it will take a genius and dozens of tax reforms to understan that rebqte should be linked to the number od depensdents an earning member has. That person’s income supports larger number of non earning members.
This simple step would ensure that we tax all those women who are earning handsomely and pass the benefit to those who really need them . Will Mr Mukherjee listen  ? Probably not. Will couts take cognizance of this fallacy ? probably not. This inertia plagues our nation

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