Swine Flue- When there is blood on floor, its party time for vultures

Ever since the pandemic has broken out a fear has gripped people. As always, fear leads to loss of rationality and scientific temperament I see people with masks of all kind all around me in the company. Those with fat pay cheques with more Fancy ones, those with average salaries wearing surgical ones and then the poor ones with hankies and Saree covers. I decided to do a reality check on the things I believe most Physics and Maths. Here are the small findings :


The effectiveness of N95 is for particles >= 0.3 micron . Please refer specifications from 3M on what this mask is intended for

See this : http://solutions.3mcanada.ca/3MContentRetrievalAPI/BlobServlet?locale=en_CA&lmd=1237472427000&assetId=1180611196913&assetType=MMM_Image&blobAttribute=ImageFile


The size of H1 N1 is  0.08 to 0.12 micron

Considering even  the largest virus

No. of Viruses which can pass through each pore of N95 mask  = 0.3/0.12  = 2.5 

This is equivalent to open access door(5 ft) and humans( 2 feet wide) passing through it. 

With N95 masks who are we trying to fool H1 N1 or ourselves. Its meant for protection against sand, welding, sweeping and grinding as per 3M . 

Also , if N95 is not a right solution , any other inferior solution is a greater waste 

I am surprised all doctors and US CDC ( Center of Disease control) are recommending it and we are jumping the bandwagon . If this is adding to the topline and bottomline of a stinkingly rich US company 3 M can you guess if this mutually beneficial to whom.


Judge for yourself if you are spending right!!! 

The verdict on masks on one of the most reliable site(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_flu_pandemic) is : 

Masks may be of benefit in “crowded settings” or for people who are in “close contact” with infected persons, defined as 1 meter or less by the World Health Organization and 6 feet or less by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In these cases the CDC recommended respirators classified as N95, but it is unknown whether they would prevent swine flu infection.[218] According to mask manufacturer 3M, there are no “established exposure limits for biological agents” such as swine flu virus.

The UK Health Protection Agency considers facial masks unnecessary for the general public[219] and some experts feel it may lead to a false sense of security. Masks are not generally provided by airport security or airlines although the CDC recommends the use of surgical masks in some circumstances.[220] other U.S. officials stated in May that if the flu virus does in fact reach pandemic proportions, “there won’t be enough face masks to go around.”[221] 

What to do ? 

Just like bottled water , get oxygen cylinders and face shields( If you can afford and really want protection). That will be fair and rational protection if you can afford. If not, avoid crowd, keep hygiene and avoid wasting money and convenience.

Also Ram Dev Baba is claiming Pranayam saves you against H1 N1 by increasing immunity. Here are few logical deductions :

Q1 :Who is the Biggest Champ  of Pranayam ?

Ans 1 :Baba Ram Dev

Q2 : Who should have biggest immunity ?

A2 : Baba ram Dev and his regular disciples.

Q3 : How can we substantiate this ?

A3 : Sponsor a trip of Baba and his chelas to Pune’s  Sassoon and Aundh hospital. Confine them to critical ward inhabited by H1 N1 detainees without medicines . Let them come out after 5 days unaffected by Swine Flue to declare final Victory of Yoga over allopathy. It will be the best reality show ever . Bigger than Big Boss.

Also, it will be good if some homeopathic jokers are also thrown in to verify their claims.

I am willing to donate Rs 1000/= for this cause how many do you want to ? 



2 thoughts on “Swine Flue- When there is blood on floor, its party time for vultures

  1. Hi Arun,

    Your opinion is N95 mask is not good solution.Then plz. suggest any other option but apart FROM Oxygen mask and oxygen cylinder whatever you have mentioned (its not good solution and unaffordable for mango people I mean AAM ADMI).Also prevention is always better(means using N95 mask)than doing nothing or negligence.

    Iam feeling little bit negative by the end of this article.So, is it possible for you to edit this article with some positive thoughts?, just like include some tips mentioned in “Mexicon Model” who won the battle againt H1N1 virus. So readers feel happy by the end of article and get some important information.



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