5 Effective steps to prevent Swine Flue

Jokes apart, the following is what appears as a good preventive measures :

 1. Avoid crowded places till pandemic subsides. Crowd here means places where maximum distance between 2 persons is less than 3 ft.

 2. Improve immunity by following :

                         a) Exercising atleast for 30 minutes non stop there by sweating.       

                         b) Taking good balanced diet. Taking multivitamins if required

                        c) Having adequate sleep 6-8 hrs a day

                        d) Avoiding intoxicants ( Alcohol, tobacco etc)

                       e) Avoid stress of any kind.

                      f) Get ordinary Flue vaccine.

 3. Identify one good ,experienced Doc in your neighbourhood who can refer you to Govt hospitals in case you develop strong symptoms. Get your respiratory disease cured at the earliest or if diabetic get low sugar levels   

4. Maintain a very high degree of hygiene. Take bath with 2 teaspoons of germicide ( Dettol,Savlon etc) in a bucket of water.Cut nails, sterilize your hands after physical contact with door knobs, elevator buttons etc.

 5.Maintain a distance of 3 ft from normal individual and 6 ft from a coughing/ sneezing individual. If unavoidable, avoid touching eyes , nose, mouth till you have cleaned your hands with soap

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