5 most disgusting things Congress has done recently

Politics is venal. Reams of newsprints are wasted profiling the the dirty and not so dirty acts of politicians. Political parties are bigger repulsions . Often people turn zealots defending theri favorite party’s lines. I do not have any political affiliation but have a deep sense of love for my country. The biggest party in India too has been playing very dirty tricks to usurp/hold on to power and also at times bringing Shame to nation.

Here are the 5 most disgusting things ( In my opinion ) Congress has done :

5         Blocked the re election of President Kalaam : Put a nondescript person as President in name of gender. Inspite of exemplary tenure and unpartisan and visionary Presidentship of Kalaam he was denied a second tenure.  Just look at what unworthy , undistinguished work  his replacement has done in last 1 year  besides taking his kins on official tour to further personal business interests and make protocol gaffes

4. Blocking the impeachment and promoting the informers: Justice Cho Ramaswamy  In spite of proven charges of corruption and irregularities as solicitor general, his impeachment was blocked. Similarly , current CEC Naveen Chawla  was promoted inspite of clear dispay of partisanship and leaking information of confidential info to poll managers og Congress

3. Recommending Creamy layer for reservation: This too when large population of upper caste languish Below Poverty  lines. Sons of MPs /CMs with assets of 1000 crores are entitled to reservation. What a mockery of social equity

2. Sharm Al Sheikh  : PM Manmohan Singh delinking terror with bilateral talks with Pakistan .  Even,the ashes of dead from 26/11 had not cooled off; the PM wanted to talk of trade commerce and bilateral relations with them.

1. Nomination of President’s son from Amravati : For last 2 assembly polls Dr Deshmukh had been winning this seat for Congress . I am witness to tremendous improvement he has done in this city of Maharashtra. He inspite of his fervent appeals has been sidelined to make way for President’s son. Psycophancy rules in this party and Dynasties reign.


Please write in if you know more.

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