Sachin ithey parat Chookla ( Sachin has erred here again)

I am not a big fan of Sachin and do not agree with him . Mumbai is not for Indians . Its for ,by and of Manooses.

 Consider the following facts :

 1. The non Manoos ( Ambani , Tata, Birlas , Wadias, Godrejs, Ruias , Hiranandanis) have done nothing more than dug grass here. The real wealth and skyline is created by Manoos.// We will get back who

 2. The best support services (Taxis, Shops, Hotels etc) , though they may be 1-5 % are run by Manooses.

3. The Pride of Mumbai ( Movies) is all because there are Great Manoos actors /directors/ musicians.. Damn the names ( Kapoors, Johars, Vermas, Bachhans , Roshans, Rehmans, Kumars).. The movie should only feature Riteish Deshmukh and company

4. The Southies have made Mumbai dirty by selling Idli dosa , rasam and what not.. We must have only Vada pao for every one

5. The Underworld hegemony also needs to be changed.. We must ensure that some manoos is bigger Don than Shakeels, Dawoods , Rajans etc.. There is a lot of glamor in underworld and Sons of soil have the first right to it

Other should come in here  only if Manoos have had their fill and are merciful. After all they have only developed the port (Britishers just claim credit), They have only taken out the black soil(Most suitable soil for cotton) from mother earth  , They by their deep breath pull the monsoon here.  Only Manooses in the SPG defended and freed the city from terrorists during 26/11 the non manoos soldiers had come on a luxury holiday trip  and enjoted the pleasant breeze at Nariman point

One thought on “Sachin ithey parat Chookla ( Sachin has erred here again)

  1. Lotta “Manoos” know the truth, but they are as spineless as our beloved MMS to admit it and realize it… they just sail along as they see the “short term benefit” for themselves and their “so called” brethrens…


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