Airtel- Shall not miss you

From: Purohit, Arun Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010 1:46 PM To: ‘’ Cc: ‘’; ‘’ Subject: Leaving you forever for good

 Dear Airtel,

Congratulations on Zain Deal. After 2.5+ yrs of disgusting association with you, I have finally moved on to a new network. I have spit out the Airtel sims from my cellphones and vow never ever to consider you as a service provider. I hope none of my friends or family ever avail of your service. Please inform me about the unbilled amounts on :

 1. 9960839539 and

 2. 9960731531

I’ll pay the unbilled amounts online( if your sucked up site allows that). For a recap on the horrible experience I had with you as a service provider ,I am attaching some of the ugliest mails I ever wrote in my life ( To no avail). The customer service had the thickest skinned people found anywhere, probably next to SBI only.

 Please discontinue both the connections and do not try to approach me for reasons of discontinuation .



 PS: As a matter of public service, I will upload this farewell mail on my blog for people to know how good a service provider you are.


As expected, for next 4 days there was no response for Customer (Un)care of Air tel. The relationship center refused to accept the SIM . Their helpline # 121 had left for heavenly abode.  I wrote this beautiful love  letter to them : 


What a sucked up organization is this ?

No response to mail sent for last 4 days.

121 asks me to dial 12144..

When I dial that, it says – “ # doesnot exist “

Your relationship center at Hinjavadi refused to accept back the SIM..

Are you guys are DUMB and brain dead together?


To this I received a call from their retention Deptt who were promising corrections and asking what my problem was ? (Bloody shamelss creatures). Customer care is  just not there in the DNA. I hope the friends in Africa do not get vexed as blood of Airtel mixes with Zain.

The call disconnected and with that evaporated the network bars from my cell. This is one separation just like morning motions I am pretty relieved to have done

2 thoughts on “Airtel- Shall not miss you

  1. Arun,
    I also have same experience with Airtel. Rather they have billed me for unbilled service. when I contacted their service center they have told me to send sms to bla bla number to stop the service. but their service(server) was down. and not the billing cycle for that service. after almost 20 calls I some how collected my own money. and on the next moment I closed that connection.


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