Delights of being an Entrepreneur

There was so much of verbosity and then twitter shoved them backstage. We all have our sentences, we need just words as signals. Trying a new blog form to share with all . First month’s joys of being n Entrepreneur:Why you should love and not fear starting up

Mind pleasures of mine

4 thoughts on “Delights of being an Entrepreneur

  1. hi arun,
    just wanted to ask which software do you use to make these spread sheets, I knw its a freeware but forgot the name..
    PS – too late to comment but the column is gr8.. hope you enjoying every bit of it… keep shining.. 🙂


  2. Hi Arun

    This is the most positive post on entrepreneurship i ever came across. Very well balancer to all those highlighting only negative.



    1. Thanks Amit. Goes a popular saying , ” There are 2 kind of people who are happiest in this world- Crazy and saint ” . A true entrepreneur is both 😉


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