Attendance By Exception

Startups are born in womb of groudbreaking innovations and that happens in huge spurts. Having kicked out the corporate access cards or signs of bondage ( Some femmes call it Mangal sutra ) we started writing in a register our presence in an out time.  We found that writing attendance was ridiculous. We got up out of beds at 5am somedays and were working till we dropped off at 8 am.  Reached office at 11 and were leaving for home @ 0100 am. What time do we write in ? If you feel that start up is torturous , Hang on…. Think if Picasso felt tortured when painting the whole day or Zuckerber was tired trying a hack or building the facebook.  I found this sense of time entry utterly ridiculous and gave it a deep thought. I suddenly realized that I only need to monitor the day I didnt live passionately. Those days are very less. We have done away with attendance system. The only thing Simplibuyers do is inform a day off. We have abolished the ridiculous 4 minutes we spent in the morning and evenings in making entries. Its a happy world starting up. Hope more organizations like this erupt

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