Pick1Finger- An amazing game to play with your kid

I was waiting to meet the principal of Blue ridge public school( http://www.blueridge.in/school.htm ). My daughter was to have interaction for admission confirmation and I was wondering how to keep her engaged. I accidentally developed this game and this not only made the wait time fun but also helped us discover the inclinations of our kid. This is a wonderful game which can be played with just a pen paper and people. Enjoy

Objective : To know your family better and have fun .

Apparatus : A pen and paper

Set up :  Let your kid play the king or queen. Make two columns to record score for yourself and your spouse.

Game :  Let the mother begin. She proposes one thing which the child is going to find difficult to refuse and spreads out the index finger for example Veg Burger. The father makes a countermove by suggesting something which the child will find more difficult to resist say Chocolate Cheese toast and raises the index finger. The child then picks the option which s/he likes most. The person whose finger is picked gets 10 points and the other one gets 5 points. If the child picks both then the points are split 7.5 each. Do 2 rounds of 5 questions each and you will find that all three get deeply involved and the fun increases with more counter moves.

Next you can make mother the queen and the child and father battle it out to see who knows the mother better.

Guidelines : A category cannot be repeated, and the countermove should be in the same class. For example blackberry or iphone , or strawberry or lichee.  Movie or theater etc

Benefits : 1) Improves child’s tactical thinking.

2) Improves bonding and understanding in the family .Helps avoid television

3) Quick and easy to play anywhere. Even at Doctor’s chamber

4) Random ness shows various aspects of imagination

5) Wide variety of choices to offer, an open ended game with quick decisions

Variants : Can be played with grandparents, or family friends or farewell of team members or at birthday parties

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