Loose your Illusions Fast .Its a Web X.0 age and X getting bigger

Some years ago , during the final rounds of Miss universe contest a question was asked :

Judge                                         : What is one change which has affected the humanity in the biggest way ?

Beauty Contest Winner      :  Internet…. Blah Blah Blah


While we all know that web has been the biggest value creator ( The combined value of Google, FB, Twitter exceeds the Mkt cap of top 100 Indian companies combined ) , yet there are scores of people who have their heads (and  probably ) cash buried in sand. They still believe  internet successes are one off stories and its a risky business to be in.

In  my limited view, the power of web is not in putting lot of hypertext or collection of huge porn to gather mindshare but about quickly making people lose their illusions, prejudices and obsolete beliefs. Its about amplification of radical new thoughts faster than ever.  There were some people who strongly believed and ranted the cliché “ Google is God” totally oblivious of the facts, trends and rapid evolution of web. Holding a contrarian and independent view is very important to create something new. For holding a contrarian view one must know whats current.  This is what helps you propagate  creativity and  get amplified.

Yesterday one such flawed quip of mine on twitter  was picked up by a French Magazine Buzz and featured in their business section. I guess we  need to demolish the obsolete  and create new gods more often.  Even, the journalism is not by reporters appointed by publisher. The news has started getting democratized

Another god bites the dust ?

Credits : The title is inspired by my fave old Rock Band Guns N F***** Roses ,

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