Faith and the need for orginality in new businesses

Years ago, I read an article about ‘Faith’ a song by George Michael. The song was talked about everywhere. MTV had not made an appearance in India or was probably not that accessible. By MTV, I mean not the current reality TV stuff but a channel which beamed good music through out the day. I had little money and even if I had, getting the no. was difficult. CBS used to release albums pretty late in India. I headed straight to Free school street, Calcutta and picked this album. I was almost sprinting home to plug and play this song. Hurriedly, I inserted the cassete and hit the play key. While the rollers started chugging, my heart beat was amok. Suddenly the magical chords began and I was moved in to a trance . I was experienceing the music I had never imagined before.

Years later, I wonder, had George Michael copied this song from somewhere, would I have felt the same magic? To an insensitive ear, may be ? But for a musician , probably never. The point in context is the trend in Indian entrepreneureship scene. The guys are serving everything they find working elsewhere. More specifically ,every thing that worked in USA. There are a 100 groupon clones and more in the womb. Scores want to do labor arbitrage and optimise it. There are many who want to provide bulk sms at less than 2 paisa and scores who are getting inspired to copy more.

There difference between “Its ok to copy”, and truly great product/service is originality. ” Its fine to.. “, “Inspired by.. “, “Customize to local taste.. “, “tapping the unserved market” is an excuse often given by pirates and idea thieves.
As Ayn Rand said- ” The existence and growth of humanity depends on First handers, they are the people who think new. For those who have not read ‘Fountainhead”. First handers are the people who work on their own inspiration and create original work. The second handers are those who pick somebody else’s work ( From idea to implementation ), do a remix, make quick buck and disappear( Remember – Thanda Thanda pani) .

The second handers will inspire things like this :    Some where down the lane lack of vision and orignality comes and bites hard.

The first handers will make Rado, Benz, Bose,Parker, Kalashnikovs,Tajmahals or Jai Ho. The second handers will create.. You know all the temopral disgusts we see all around

For entreprenueurs,  who are leaders its very important where they seek inspiration from. Cheaper the spark, sooner they will meet their nemesis. Immitation can initially bring in ‘Junta’ as customers and drive them away once originals arrive. The BIG fishes arrive when market is significant.

Google, by nature a first hander, got inspired to copy success of twitter to create “Buzz” to serve the under served need of automatic follow and followers. Its still bleeding from its nose for the reprimand it got people and courts.

There will always be people who would listen to Mozart and many more who will swing to cheap copies by Anu Malik. If we are really proud of our education , we need to read some real good literature and seek inspiration from right sources. Then only we will inspire people in right directions. This nation deserves to be a leader from which inspiring product and services emerge. Its the originality which brings royalties to the country, its the second handers who will cause forex leaks. We should consciously think where we are deriving our inspirations from.

2 men look from, behind the same bars.
While 1 sees the mud, the other looks at stars

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