Jump !! it wont kill . Even if you die, it wont suck you

I was sent a link (Given at end of post ) to an Article by William Quigley of Tech crunch by one of my
friends. This dealt with value creation in tech companies and timing of investment.

One sentence which touched me deeply was :

“The valuations of today’s private tech leaders – Facebook, Zynga, Groupon and possibly Twitter – are such
that I believe upwards of 50-75% of the terminal values of these companies will be captured by the folks
who did the real work and took the real risks, those who quit their jobs and begged, borrowed and cajoled 
friends, families and angel investors to take a chance on their far-fetched idea.”
Jump!!! The chute will open.. U aint gonna die like this
When it was my turn to look our of my Job, it was scary as hell. Wiping out years of saving, reputation,
house wealth everything but life was on stake
😉 . I had an inclination to keep thinking…

But I did quit my job… I didnt beg,

I did small time borrowing to meet my emergent expenses and returned it at the earliest.

I didnt cajole my friends but shared a vision of creating a price comparison tool every body on earth will
be able to use and enrich. They will have fun doing this.

There has been very little family investment. Some family members initially said they will fund the full
project but in the end didnt even put a penny, but yes Angels came in small sizes one after another,
convinced that this is a product of future and there money will be taken care of well.

The idea appeared awesome to some, far fetched and impractical to others. My patent attorney believed in it
right in the first 15 minutes of conversation. And then we set out to carve a company and came out with
a proto release. We still cannot prognosticate how much wealth our product will create or how long it
will take to be ramen profitable. Its like a baby whose career I would not like to define in infancy
with numerical precision. I am just loving the good vibes its generating from all who have touched, 
blessed and registered on it.

I invite you to have a look at the baby which has had 1 quarter of evolution : 


Hope every body will help it grow.

Also please read this article, it stirred me.. It will move you too 🙂


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