Prices matter for cool products, Shit sells cheap everywhere and who cares

I have always believed in buying world class products, however what I have paid for them is Chinese prices
🙂 This means buying Levi’s Red loops for Rs 800/= Puma shoes for 500/= a Nintendo Wii for 11,500/= or 
Hi Design leather jacket for Rs 1400/= . The habit has continued in my start up and with no salary, the 
money needs to be spent even more wisely now.

I assume that most of us start up with little fund which we want to spend very wisely. Even if we start with
large funds we must spend it with prudence. Our expectations however remain:very good or excellent products
for our companies. In our search for best price we google it, ask friends, visit shops/markets, seek 
information from those who already bought similar product,… there are so many ways we employ to find the
best product price fit. When we finally, find such sellers we are relieved and ecstatic. When some one
asks about it , we proudly tell how we could find a price which was absolutely a steal. Are we sure that
the product was not available for still lower price?

The problem with this is : The information is not that easily available or searchable. If it is searchable, , then
many a times it is not complete. If its complete, then we find it difficult to locate the sellers. 
Also, the information is available to a closed group of people in a network

While for selecting adorable products there is an application

Here people chose the products which they find fascinating. The adorable products are handpicked and 
liked by community so that you dont have to scan 100s of products which are banal.

Similarly, there are consumer review sites like which help you see the product
reviewed by end user. Also, there is preferred by most geeks for techtoys

Closer home this was replicated by

Referring them, one can select a product by eliminating the marketing noise. There is less admirable 
work done in pricing space.

4 ex Microsoft guys developed wishabi which is a consumer driven price discovery framework for Canadians.
Also there is : which works on Web 2.0 principle.

What was found missing in all these sites is a sense of hyperlocal and also the directions to reach
the Star sellers. The prices given are seller contributed and are aimed to maximize margins. What is
actually needed is a guidance to purchaser as to what was the initial price seller quoted and after a 
hard or wise bargain what was the price at which sale got consummated.

Closer home in India did a great job replicating the ebay model . They tied
up with many sellers and showed the best prices. This somehow didnt last long and they started importing
cheap fakes ( Gadgets- Black Verry, Roy Ben, Iped, ifone etc ) and started selling them on their site.
In India Shit sells, so they had large number of transactions and hence a good valuation. Its something 
similar to Big bajaar (The Indian walmart ) selling its own brands in place of Unilever or P&G products

Something is missing in this space and hence there is a need for a tool which not only allows people
to share the products worthy of buying but also prices which can save and are minimum possible. The 
efforts saved on survey can then be priceless

If you can find such tool which allows you to share your purchases or check the prices at which others
have bought, this can really create a difference. Please
post comments if you know one or to help create one click

4 thoughts on “Prices matter for cool products, Shit sells cheap everywhere and who cares

  1. Dear Neel ,

    If you are in Gurgaon, go to DLF phase 1 market ( Not Galleria ) . If you reach the back end of market , you will find a shop with a lot of bags lying outside. If you go inside this shop you will find stacks of Hi fashion goods sourced from Bangladesh or ancilliaries of Nike , Levis. its air conditioned but lots op yuppies will ensure that you have very little space to move. The things are genuine Production surplus ( Say if Levis orders 500 pcs , the vendor normally makes 600 to ensure that even if rejections are there ,the order gets completed. There is heavy penalty for not completing the order ). The production surplus or some minor quality rejects like one stitch gone awry reaches these places.

    For leather jackets, I bought one from Sarojini Nagar. The leather jacket was classic 5 pocket and it served me well for 10 yrs + and still looks good. For sharing and finding more of such shopping treasures you can visit :


  2. Hi Arun,

    from where do we get to buy Levi’s or Leather jacket so CHEAP ..are they genuine stuff. Please share your shopping places to us too


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