5 Biggest A**holes of India as on 24Jul2011

There is nothing novel about this subject , yet it evokes immediate participation and a sense of relief to most of us. An year ago, India’s celebrated Warren Buffet Rakesh Jhunjhunwala  did a wonderful treatise on this :


Reading his blog did make my life better for the day, I realized that it was time, the list was reassessed. Democracy is what we revel in and I believe  people should have choice to select, atleast their assholes directly. So, commissioned a poll on facebook and what I got this time was a more democratic choice. Voting for biggest asshole is a catharsis. It immediately takes a big burden off our heart .  So here is the Top 5  list with my Chaar aaney on why they are the undisputed doyens of this dubious sobriquet.

Caution : Reader discretion recommended. This aint a blog for diehards or those born without funny bone. If you have any of these disease or deficiencies Please do not read any further.  For any mental damage or change of loyalty , the author may not be held responsible.

5.  Arindam Chaudhri and Shahrukh Khan (Tied) : There cannot be better coincidence. The partners in educational fraud ( One originator and another endorser) appear together on the list. Their business relationship and bonhomie taking them places.  ‘Rok sako to rok lo’  and ‘Better than IIMs’ claim along with real assholic  admission campaigns do not leave any doubt of his candidature. The footlicking servility publicly done to Mr Bachchan and the fairness cream which Mr Khan endorse clearly tells how is brain is at the position we are talking about in this blog. Incidentally, Arindam is the only consistent player who figures in both lists. This year in fact he has climbed one place. I hope these separated at birth Siamese twins will continue to rock this list and one day pull their beloved K JO also on the pedestal.

4. Sharad Pawar : I am mighty surprised how he figures on the list. He is the sharpest money sucker in this entire country. My gut feel tells me that if we are able to properly assess the wealth, within even 2 degree relation of this collossal parasite, we will leave Padmanabha temple atleast USD 10 Bn behind. As per my belief he is the biggest drain on  country’s resources. Lavasa, BCCI, ICC, MCA , Balewadi, Baramati, all things named Sadanand, Supriya( Son in law and daughter) in Pune are symbols of this big disease afflicting this universe.   My chaar aaney are confused but I respect the choice of people.

3. Amar Singh : This star crazy guttermouth is probably among the most vexing  politicians ( dirtiest of dirts ). He is known to profess his lewd intentions for Bipasha Basu . Never tired of extolling how he is a die hard pomerian of   Mr Bachchan. His troika comprises Sr Bachchan and Jr Ambani. Together they are a  puking vexation we can  always avoid .  With RGV ki aag ,  R Power shares rolling at 1/5th of IPO issue price,  an admirably  RCOM( Built byMukesh) on a perpetual gravity hugging journey are testimony to why this is one hell of holes flocking together.

2 Dr(??) Manmohan Singh : Never in our lives we shall see such a wasteful and shameful instance of a learned man. This is considering that we accept academic degree and marks as signs of learning.  No body has facilitated rape and loot of national treasury so openly as this hole. He is blatantly shameless and effeminate in her ? his …its persona.  Even a matric fail could have prevented the wealth leakage better than him. All the institutes/ boards / universities may come in public with unconditional appology for having let him pass any exam that was ever devised.. He shamelessly accepts that the image of his govt is among the most corrupt anywhere on earth. He is still to figuring out how long he can float in a pool of spit.

1. Digvijay Singh : The Diggy raja  is the undisputed  King of assholes and leaves every one behind by huge margins. No one needs to know why . He along with his ornamental decorations and backend staff Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal and Jayanti Natarajan are the stuff most irritating stuff are made of. We bless the  Raja.

For detailed survey results please refer


For all sympathies and help which you want to render to Dr Mannu please join the cause


Signing off with an image :

Disclaimer :  The sample size of this survey was small  and restricted to facebook  users only. There was no major publicity done on this survey.  L K Advani , Shashi Tharoor, Ram Gopal Verma , Dev Anand etc must be mighty pleased to have  not figured on the list . I am worried of the negative fall out of this survey. We may again have to witness Mrs Swaraj’s hip shakes at the ghat she choses. Please avoid India TV, Rajdeep Sardesai etc if such catastrophe happens..

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