Hindustan Meri Jaan

On Page 2 of Economic Times today , I saw 2 articles :

1. Montek Singh claiming that PM cannot be blamed for any SCAM. He had told Raja to follow all good ethical
practices and Raja had confirmed that he is. A PM cannot micro manage you see.. He had also told Kalmadi and Sheila
not to indulge in corrupt practices. What else is he expectetd to do ? http://bit.ly/r0x0G7

2. Narayana Murthy in the second article : The bad governance in India is because we have 2 Leaders. Now this got
me laughing. Which school/board gave a matriculation pass certificate to Mr NRN. He doesnt even know the meaning
of word ‘Leader’. But India is Phunny Kun-tree where real big Phools succeed in BIG way.

These two articles reminded me of a Urdu poem which I wish to present.

Gulishtan ko Barbaad karne ko

Bas ek hi ulloo kaafi tha..

Jab har shaakh pe Ulloo baithe ho

To Anjaam- E hindustaan kya hoga???? 

To spoil a beautiful orchard

A solitary owl would have  sufficed

When we have suckers proliferate

Wonder what’s the nation’s fate

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