When ur motto says ‘Dont Be Evil’ u r obsessed with Evil evry moment n u actually are.

Evil Google

When you say to yourself again and again I am not going to sin , you actually are obsessed with sinning in its various forms. When you constantly talk about not failing , actually you are more concerned with failure than succeeding . When your mantra in life is not to be a criminal , you are always surrounded in your thoughts about crime and its manifestations. You actually attract in your life what you brood upon. When you have such a state of mind will you think about doing good ? The chances are remote because your foundation is based on a negative bedrock. Unfortunately, one of the biggest internet companies Google has such a bad foundation principle – “Dont be evil “. Their actions are also manifest in its desperation and reproachable tactics. Those harping on millions of users of google plus in one month must remember that Buzz had 20 million+ users on its day of launch.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Buzz#Reception.  The haughtiness of google pi***d people off, coz the perennially evil google unethically reads your gmail to analyze who should be your followers and who should follow you ( Please read the legal and ethical issues in the same Wiki article ). Your communication to people you are not at good terms with are exposed without your consent. Google has been a loser and a desperate one in Web 2.0 space. Its Orkut is counting its last breath, its blogger is crappy countenance to WordPress.  Their search results nowadays are hopeless in comparison to twitter, bing or Quora.  What may be good with them is google maps but that too needs to mature. The excessive and unnecessary praise people shower on it reminds me of colonial days when we had bunch of cowards who used to appreciate everything English. One example of this is the opinions of paid agents on afaqs. http://www.afaqs.com/news/story.html?sid=31339_POV:+Will+Google++Dent+Brand+Facebook

When you say afaqs,  it must be showing a balanced view rather than a paid promotion or panegyric.. and just see how all the paid agents genuflect to promote another ugly experiment  no rational mind is excited about.


4 thoughts on “When ur motto says ‘Dont Be Evil’ u r obsessed with Evil evry moment n u actually are.

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  2. Anyone who has some idea about the LOA ( Law of Attraction) will be in in complete agreement of this article. Please read The Secret to know about LOA.

    The motto should be something like “Be Good” OR “Do positive and encourage positive” and never like “Dont be evil”.


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