Happy ? Independence ?? 4 Cancers we are still slave to

When every one was telling Happy Independence day , I was thinking whether we have real independence and then I realized that we are yet to get freedom from 4 Cancers which are plaguing our nation. Coincidentally most of them begin with letter C:

1. Congress : The behavior of Congressmen and current govt makes us realize that we still do not have independence from oppressors. The lathi charge on peaceful protestors in the dark hours of night. The firing on poor farmers of Maval, the drakonian conditions on Anna Hazaare for protesting a impotent Lokpal are all indicators of how Congress thinks of us as slaves. They are perpetrators of CWG and Communications scam and also their protectors(Sheila DikShit). If we do not have choice to shut up dumbwits like Manish Tiwari, Digvijay,Jayanti Natarajan and Janardan Dwivedi, do we have freedom ? Even if you are an earthworm with Gandhi lineage , people will offer you PM post on plate. ( Rahul Gandhi by that count is a human being with 2 legs, normal organs and some measurable IQ). We dont have freedom from a dirt called Congress how can we be Free or independent ?

2. Copycats : Much of the stuff we have in India are copies of outside. When we copy some one the first signal we give to them is that we surrender to their inventiveness,creativity and originality. The major copy cats are Indian Idol ( American idol), KBC (Who wants to be millionaire), Bollywood(Hollywood), Flipkart( Amazon), Dealsites (Groupon), The TOI ( Times London), Beverly Hill Residencies (Housing society names). We have left all our original thoughts aside to make stinking copies. If we do not have freedom to innovate and think original. Are we free ?

3. Conservatism : In name of guarding the morals and conscience of grown ups we censor and ban movies, we proscribe books,  we decide what kind of sexual partners people should have, what careers our children should have.Every where we seek conformism to century old archaic societal practices. We worship penis and are shy of talking  and teaching sex. Our concept of confidence stems from creams which make our Chamdi gori. Our minds are still colonized with a game that was made for spoilt children of British. So many years have passed and we are not yet free of stupid reservation system totally devoid of economic and minimum merit considerations. If our minds are so clouded with stupid practices are we free ?

4.Corruption : This is in many ways cooked in congress, imbibed in BJP and cultured by Communists and exploited to the hilt by **DMKs and Mundas etc. No person who loves nation can say that they can support or espouse the political parties as they stand today . Prejudiced partisan zealots justify everything their party leaders do. From 70% reservation in Tamilnadu to fat ladies shaking their ugly hips at national monument, to people showing disrespect to Indian medical community’s capability by running to US of Yeah for their treatments. We have a shameless head of state who doesnt even contemplate resigning, leave alone suicide out of guilt of causing so much pain to the nation . If the life blood of the nation is being sucked by any one who can are we free ?

Conclusion : We should give a deep thought to whether we are really “Independent ” and does this cause for so much happiness. One evil Communist empire was decimated after 34 years in state of Bengal and we have many more cancers to get rid of. till then I dont think we are free enough.

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