Why Anna talks will keep failing and it needs more to make lokpal succeed

We don’t have an eternity to realize a corruption free India. Even if we had, little will be realized when the pests (read politicians) have sucked our nation dry. If we recollect our freedom struggle, though Gandhi is most credited and publicized, he was only one of the  major cogs in the wheel. We had armed struggle of Subhash, the assertive nationalism of  Tilak,  the Civil disobedience moment, mass assassination of British officers, Quit India and Non cooperation movement and also a civil war.  To say only Gandhi or only fasting won us freedom is not only absurd but and insult to all the other major contributors. Multiple things  worked together to make our big cause succeed and multiple things need to work today to make a Corruption Free India a reality.

The current struggle has only one element of struggle, the Gandhi mimic ( Hazaare Saaheb ) and Nehru equivalent interlocutor of Prashant Bhushan. We have not had the armed forces revolting yet like 1857 ( The service chiefs should down, discuss and put their free thoughts down corruption ails them too ). The police still obeys the Govt( A  police man is paid a pittance and if corruption is stemmed he has a chance of getting better legal pay and higher self esteem).  The national wealth is still getting siphoned out( Now its not London but  the Swiss Banks ). We were obsessed with Gori Chamdi then( Gorey ne bolaa toh sahi hoga, Gorey ne banaaya toh badhiya hoga ) and used to rub our skin with soap three times a day. Now we have dumbwits who buy and apply Fair and Lovely/Handsome every now and then. The obsession with European gori skin ruined us in both cases ( We need to get over our fair skin obsession. Read servility to fair skinned Pseudo Gandhis).   The Britishers used to divide and rule, now we have traitors appearing in forms of , Aruna  and Arundhati Roys. There were irritant Rai Bahasdurs during those times and now we have Sibbal, Manish Tiwari and Pronob. Rai Bahadur Nandan Nilekani’s respect for politicains has gone up in last 2 years.We had pipe smoking, shake gyrating elites then, we  have english speaking twitter dirrhoec self proclaimed thinkers who feel it its a #Jokepal. There were chamachas, informers of British govt on the  pretext of ‘Angreji raaj sab sukh saaj’ and we have advocates of more and more mercy to politicians now on pretext of parliamentary procedures.  Can we make a museum where we can park these langoors.  The national mood is such that Forget bringing back black money, people will pay atleast Rs 50 each to just spit once on Manmohan Singh, Tiwari, Singhvi,Jayanti N, Janardan ,Raja, Kanimozhi , Sharad pawar and Pigvijay Singh. Humor apart, there are lot of similarities with our first freedom struggle ,what we did to attain it and what we should do now..

The difference now is : that time we had a big foreigners to contend and today we  need only 540 parliamentarians to be eliminated

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