Shocked to know how India is being run

This is a post written for mature readers. Those who get fried with hint of expletives are advised not to read further.   The post is based on a conversation I had with a Senior bureaucrat. Feel free to believe its an heresay

Most of us have been witness to removal of Mr Thomas as the Chief Vigilance Commissioner only after Supreme Court intervened and forced the Govt to act. It has come in common public knowledge that there were 3 people taking decision to appoint him.

  1.  Lungi Master P Chidambaram
  2.  Manmohan Singh (  I believe we should use Dr for people who actually deserve,) and
  3. Sushma Swaraj

Sushma knew that Thomas was corrupt and opposed the appointment.   Lungi master knew that Thomas was corrupt and his appointment was tenable  Singh knew about the impropriety of  appointment of a person having alleged corrupt conduct.  Both Chidu and Mannu tried to pressurize Sushma into agreeing into Thomas’s appointment. Good sense and conscience prevailed over Sushma’s judgment of situation. She said , that if they were going ahead with appointment, her dissent against the appointment be formally noted.  Chidu and  Singh inspite of formal dissent went ahead with the appointment.  The untenable appointment was quashed by the Supreme court . Embarrassed by the reprimand both Chidu and Mannu feigned ignorance of criminal act by Thomas.  The question is : Were they having malafide intention or where they under some sort of duress where they had no option but to do an unethical conduct?

I had this question clouding my mind  and I was not able to see any reasonable answer for this. Today , I meet a former bureaucrat who apprised me about what had happened ( I have no resource to verify this anecdote and have very little to question his integrity ).  The story goes like this . Madam Sonia Gandhi had gone to a church . She made Mr Thomas there who did some expressions to please her. Thomas was on verge of retirement and wanted to cling on. Having won the lady’s affection he could get her to write a small note  which said – “ Please accommodate him “.  Its told that there was no other suitable vacancy available . Just like any Congress sycophant, Chidu and  Singh didn’t have gumption to even think of  questioning the note from Congress Chief . The fly of Thomas was swallowed by both of them.

Conclusion : While this may be an here say but it may also be true. While these disgraceful two some may never agree to this . They will continue to adorn two of the most important positions in the country. They are on verge of becoming co accused  in 2G scam and eventually landing up in special cells of Tihar. We are castrated for 5 yrs to curse ourselves of having a PM who has been literally abused by an American senator to have a shameful “ In attentive Management Style “ . I am peeved at the way Nation is being run

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