5 reasons why Ajit Gulabchand and not Lavasa should be screwed

I was glad to see the front page news that MH govt is filing criminal case against directors of Lavasa. There are gluts who are crying foul and Ajit Gulab chand screaming that he is being victimised. I guess there are 5 reasons he should be screwed .

  • Complacence : Having got the Worli seabridge , he thought HCC has cracked the politco nexus code and they can get away with anything // Read permits, regulations, laws of land
  • Ethic Deficit :  The township has been made cajoling the villagers and locals to sell of their land many times forcing them under the banner of big politicos
  • Disregard for environment : Notwithstanding tall claims about it being a sustainable city, you can see the rampant violation almost everywhere. The basic tenet – ” No construction on hills and hill slopes” has been massacred
  • Greed : The greed to extract more than lawful is what does most businessmen in. Speakasia, Anil Ambani, Radia are examples. Gulab babu wanted to take more juice out of  this project than actually coming and has got screwed.
  • Immorality : This is the biggest one. He slept with Sharad Pawar, probably the Crookest of all crooks , gave him a good stake in the Lavasa corporation, faked records to show that he doesnt hold any equity in Lavasa later and allows him to hold stocks through proxy..
Why we should not screw Lavasa?
It has a true potential to become a really beautiful hill station. The excesses on environment can be reversed to a large extent. It gives a good option to Pune and Bombay citizens besides over leeched Khandala and Matheran.
Any thoughts ???/
PS: I had visited Lavasa in last week of May this year. It SUCKED big time. Hotel rents above 5300/day and nothing available, the lake had dried up in many places, the food options were most putrid and water sports nothing to talk about.. Please avoid this hyped city for atleast next 3 years.

One thought on “5 reasons why Ajit Gulabchand and not Lavasa should be screwed

  1. A. You cannot compare it if you havent visited the place earlier.
    B. Oh wait, you couldnt have visited the place earlier, coz there were no roads there even!

    All I’m saying is there are two sides to every story. If you’re talking about corrupt business honchos, then you are essentially targeting those who are enabling it – the politicians.

    So, one Minister gaining a political advantage over another for personal/ political reasons is hurting Corporate India and infrastructure development more strongly than addressing the issue of corruption.


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