User Interface(UI) and User Experience (Ux) explained in 10 seconds flat

In my journey of entrepreneurship I have learned a lot of terms, techniques and methods.  6 months ago a very senior  tech person came to my  office and said , ”  The implementation in WiC is good but it needs  a lot of Ux improvement” .  Ux!!!  is this another nerdish term I am hearing ?   I wondered if it was not part of the UI design ( Form color, buttons and layout ) but he disagreed.  As I understood Ux, got convinced that it was something crucial and  got obsessed  over it there after.  Many a times WiC investors asked why I have a separate budget for Ux and UI . I tried to explain it with words. They nodded but I do not know how much they agreed. Today I came across one great answer on Quora. Trying to reproduce it for the people who are not there still :

Please see the image below :

Now see the Ux design of the same urinal pot.

If you noticed there is a fly in the pot.  Well thats not a real fly. Its been etched on the porcelain by the Ux designer of the pot. It was found that,  men when they see such fly in the pot, try to aim at it.  When they do so, it reduces the spillage by over 80%.   This is Ux design at its best 😉

PS: Pictures and text courtesy :Xianhang Zhang on Quora

2 thoughts on “User Interface(UI) and User Experience (Ux) explained in 10 seconds flat

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  2. As far as my knowledge is concerned UX is used for User Experience.
    This is common used term here. UX designer and UX developer etc…I won’t be surprised if Microsoft has coined this term. 🙂


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