Entrepreneurship aint sexy ??? 2 little paragraphs with a view

The world is full literature mentioning that entrepreneurship is hard on knees. Some say, its as hard as falling in love. It brings in a lot of uncertainties and it keeps most of us from taking a leap of faith. We remain glued on to our day jobs. We do not know how long the battles will last. We do not know whether we will succeed, yet the desire to turn entrepreneur and create beautiful businesses which transform the world is very high. Its one of those forbidden fruits and those with heart choose to go for a bite.

Its been 2 years of setting a farm, ploughing it hard, sowing seeds, adding manure and then irrigate it with sweat with a hope that it will rain. The saplings will blossom , they will grow into beautiful crop. For us at Simplibuy , the crop is still far off but the plant has come out of ground. It will get irrigated when you bless it with you love. Check out the baby plant http://www.wic.co.in/  It transforms your experience of asking of friends where to buy a product from, at what price etc easier. Here you  can discover interesting prices on high quality. You gain a lot from reusing your friends’ decision to buy. When you share your own buying experiences the entire community benefits and thanks you for this. In the long run it can ensure that no body is fooled about the price she should pay for her purchases.

WiC helps you eliminate your market surveys
Where is cheapest seller for product X in my city Y ?

http://www.wic.co.in/ Feedback suggestions welcome

4 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship aint sexy ??? 2 little paragraphs with a view

  1. Thanks for the comments. I have corrected the URLs. I didnt know that wordpress when insertting hyperlinks adds it relative to a blog post.

    Good suggestion on hyperlinking the picture. Trying to do that too. Thanks for helping me improve the blog


  2. I found it awesome after just playing with it for 10 mins. I will give detail input also but first of all correct the URL of WIC (2 places) in this blog as it is taking as relative to wrodpress.
    In case screenshot of homepage in blog is also clickable then it would be awesome. Not sure if WordPress allows to embed HTML tags.


    1. Hi Gaurav,

      Thanks for the encouraging review and suggestions. I have set the hyperlinks right. Now they all link directly to the page


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