Anna Babu,Yeh hai Bum bayee meri jaan

Disclaimer : This is a biased monologue of a highly contrarian thinker who is too lazy to do research. The author takes no responsibility of heartburns after reading this. You are advised to buy adequate antacids before reading this

Bombay probably is a city of hip shakers. No just hip shakers but gaudy hip shakers. If you call a skimpy bimbette with a pout to gyrate, the sissies are out on the roads in huge number. The limp wristed ones raise their hands and scream.. WOOOOOOOOOO… Booooogie.. Yeow.. (WBY crowd, please see the image below ).   They have no reason to come out and help Ronan and his friend dying while saving their girl friends from molesters or Anna fasting to root out corruption.
The symbol of Bombay

The city shakes on stupid remixes, remakes and yucky trash oops flash mobs. A call for a sensible cause will always evoke Y-U-C-K. The folks lock themselves in their pigeon hole 2BHKs on 2x floors if you call them to vote ( the city almost always has least voting turn out ). The people love playing under arm cricket premier leagues in 20 X20 refuse builders leave for them on ground zero. They can come and shake their hips on ‘Rang De Basanti’ after the terrorists are killed. They have candles and they look kewl shaking left and right with some music yknow

Having a hope of  Bombay wallas coming forward to a national cause is a huge miscalculation. Its just not in their DNA. its said ,when you are fighting a battle you cant seek comforts. Anna fought a long battle in Delhi, that awakened the nation. That bought govt on its knee and the Bill in the parliament. The WBY crowd cant care much for it. Now here is where Team Anna erred. They sought the warm weather comfort of hedonist Bombay for protesting far away from the chilling winds of  New Delhi. Imagine, the impact of Anna fasting on a chilling stage, shaking and overcoming intense pain to fight the Corrupt Congressis. The vignettes would have galvanized the nation more. But here he went seeking the comfort and pleasure of Bombay and support of people dead with their conscience. The people with sensitivity already find  the city dehumanizing.( Read this : ) I must not say that i knew that Anna’s Bombay pitch will flop but by their behavior, the Bombay wallas validated my faith. They are good for pelvic gyrations not national emancipation.

Its only human to err and make tactical mistakes. This Bombay battle is lost, not the war against corruption. Anna and company should have selected Chennai ( Rajnikant’s support,climate and awakened people are a better choice ) or may be Calcutta, the city with high political activism or Pune’s Kesari wada where Tilak started his Swaraj movement. Hope better sense will prevail

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