Do we have enuff of political branding? Keep politicians name off the NITs

Recently ,I came across profile of an investor on Linked in . When I looked for his college, I found that he had neatly written it NIT- State. When I thought deeper on it I got some really crazy thoughts. We have all IITs which are suffixed by their city name. We have all IIMs which have suffix of a city name. Why for NITs  earlier called RECs the names of politicians, their uncles aunties got affixed. This naming of places and business of statues is very difficult for me to understand.

I have no disrespect for Mr Motilal who was a barrister but #WTF he is got to do with an NIT in Allahabad ?  Mr Malaviya must have been a great whatever he was but #WTF he has got to do with an NIT in Jaipur and same for the freedom fighter Mr Maulana whose name precedes the NIT in Bhopal. Essentially this naming business is one of the biggest evils of Indian society. The dying communists in the last days of their government named the most prestigious township after the person who sucked down the state from being the Industrial leader to the worst state in country.  The state of Maharashtra, I  heard from somebody has a law that no public road bridge etc can be named after a person. This law came into effect after it was discovered that some politicians paid money to get a road name after them. This law was amended some time ago to shamelessly name Pune Bombay expressway as Yashwant Rao Chavan Marg. In that behti Ganga, Congressis washed more hand to name Bandra Worli sea link after Rajiv Gandhi. If you wish to read more about #WTF Rajiv Gandhi has to do with BWSL bridge , you may like to read this . When I go from my home to railway station in Pune, I find that a small bridge is named after Rajiv Gandhi and also a chest hospital. On a recent visit to Bangalore, I found that somebloody politician to encash the popularity and achievement of Anil Kumble made a circle near MG road , Anil Kumble circle!!! He is a great cricketer but #WTF a road circle after him ?

Recently election commission touring the state of UP has passed a diktat that all statues of Mayawati and statues of elephants be covered. Some people are feeling good about it . I say DAMN who is gonna put cover on stupid 20,000 institutions and lakhs of roads named after Gandhi and family which they paint on their posters. Bloody every city worth its name has a #WTF MG Road. We have Universities, airports, stadia, schools, rural employment guarantee schemes, Nahar pariyojana after Gandhis and city renewal buses named after Nehru. Who the F is going to cover them? Mayawati has done less crime her crime and cancer can be covered. Who will eradicate the cancer of Congress and lakhs of stupid names they have given to our institutions.  Is the election commissioner even preventing Congress from putting their pictures on their electoral posters?   This primarily is the reason all the stupid arguments of giving Lokpal a constitutional status like Election commissioner do not make sense.  The CECs are nothing but impotent stooges of govt.

I do not have much a do with politics but lets keep the institutes of learning free from this dirty politics.  Lets  give better names, let make a clean corruption free India. There are thousands of ways to creatively name. . Mamata has revoked the name of Newtown from Jyoti Basu nagar . He hasa scrapped naming of another insittute after Indira Gandhi but a lot of muck needs to be cleaned still. If you believe that NITs should be kept free of this naming politics , please pass it on . Let a common consensus emerge in the country that no road, monument, educational institutes will be named after a person and least of all a politician

3 thoughts on “Do we have enuff of political branding? Keep politicians name off the NITs

  1. Looks like the author just wanted to write something… nothing much useful here.
    Well.. He should know that IITs and IIMs are central institutions, funded totally by central government. They have an all India entrance examination, in which all candidates have equal rights. NITs are different. They are funded 50-50 by the Central and the State Governments, the State Governments provide the land and infrastructure for these institutions, and that’s why the seats are 50% for the candidates of the state, while the rest 50% are for the rest of the India.

    That’s why they are named slightly differently. The Central Government wanted them to be named same, while the State Governments didn’t have any such motive. Not much of a harm if they named the institutes in name of someone.

    I agree that Congress and the Gandhi family keep using it to propagate and last-for-ever the names of their family members. But, who gets a leverage in naming anything in name of Gandhiji, or an independence fighter ? It’s just a respect that we are giving to those leaders who brought us independence, and may serve as a way for our coming generations to know these names and learn about their contributions.


  2. Bechara ABV. HIZ Sarva Siksha Abhiyan is simply PM SSA. Had he been from Nehru and Fake Gandhi Clan So many things would have been named after him. I AGREE ENTIRELY WITH THE THOUGHTS OF HE WRITER. INCIDENTLY HE HE SHARES MY SURNAME BUT IS NOT KNOWN TO ME.


  3. #WTF, could you tell how any politician got mileage from Anil Kumble circle? That circle was aptly named after Anil Kumble when he got 10 wickets in an innings in a Test match. What more, that circle is near cricket stadium too.

    PS: Please mend your language, if you want me to visit your blogs.



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