Vidhya Balan Beware! Congress is out to play Dirtier picture

Vidhya Balan you have an immediate competition. You just can get dirtier than Congress. We know that state polls are on. Swept by trust deficit, the ruling Govt  stands slimmest chance in any of the states. The  demographic surveys conclusively indicate that results will be decided by OBC/ MBC voters. This class just has narrow personal interest of reservations to decide where to vote. If you have to win them, you need to dole out reservations in lucrative education, jobs, promotions or low risk high profit businesses etc. Now with model conduct in force , the ruling govt cant announce any new schemes, so out comes a possibly planted news on the cover of Economic times on 20th January ( Link given at the end of this post. It tells, keeping everything unconfirmed and every minister and offcial anonymous that Congress wil give 27% reservations to OBCs in petrol pumps, the biggest cash minting business. This it says is for benefit in the next election. Its made to appear like a brilliant investigative journalism by Rajeev Jaysawal at this opportune time in pure journalistic interests.If you are a general voter, it tells you,Congis wont reduce your quota. If you are OBC living in Bundelkhand, UP, punjab you will believe that Congress is your biggest well wisher. The content of this article is so setup to serve the interest of Rahul Khan ( Yes , his Gandhi surame is big fraud read about it in this blog : that it stinks of his desperation to establish himself. Mr Jaysawal ate a supari or bit the Congess bait is difficult to surmise. The dirty tricks by poll managers of Congress, to get  a moll, duress on   the editor, or an oversight ( innocent or vested ) we may never know. This front page story on ET, however must be taken note of by Election observers and opposition sympathisers, nation lovers, bloggers, and literates.  We can only hope that someone out there, uncovers the truth.

PS: If you want to see pretty picture , you may like to visit  //



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