Does how you appear, decides the price you pay in a store?

2 years ago when I was beginning to raise fund for my startup, I met a person who was christened Einstein in Bombay. We had 2 hour long discussion with him and told him how we had thought through various scenarios on how WiC can work. Having heard all aspects, he had said – “  Consumers may  love this but most of the sellers are going to badly HATE  WiC “

On my way back from filmcity Noida,  I decided to meet some mobile and gadget sellers near sector 18 Noida. I walked into a store and decided to speak to an owner. Having explained the concept to him, I asked whats his feedback on a service like WiC is ? He said- this is not for people like us. Customers using this will just run away from us. I was curious why should they, if you give good prices to them ?  Pat came the reply from a his smart assistant – “ Hum customer ki boady language dekh ke price bolte hain, Yeh naa chaley yahaan (  We quote the price of products seeing the body language of the customer, this wont work here ) “

I came out of the store thinking about the word ‘body language ‘.  What kind of body language is required for getting the lowest price from a seller in Delhi ? What kind of body language if you display will lead you to pay maximum possible price ? Is body language really that important ? If a person doesn’t have a body language of a Delhiite, is he liable to pay the worst price ?  Is there some way to help people with not so great body language? Will she be able to pay reasonable prices ? Will a normal person armed with better information about the price  have a better body language ?

Now , I am realizing why some sellers are really going to hate  WiC 😉

2 thoughts on “Does how you appear, decides the price you pay in a store?

  1. I think “body language” is a part of what the BIG data firms now call behavioral targeting. Essentially as the Business moves away from that human interaction – they have to be able to “interpret” and tailor prices/solution for “specific body languages” .

    [24] 7 did a remarkable intuitive +Technical explanation on that at their blog, well they do it all the time, since that is a part of their core strength. And we are just beginning to see what the Technological Might/Horsepower that we now have will help us get this true reservation price from the consumer, based on their “body language” online . That is where the bulk of Monetization challenges and opportunity is . Good luck with Wicfy .


    1. Thanks Ekta . The insights are great. Can you please share the link of [24]7 blog . The concept of charging on the basis of virtual body language is revolutionary and looks very pathbreaking..

      How did you get to know about wicfy ?


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