10 reasons why Dinesh Trivedi should be screwed not praised for across the board hikes

I didnt see the budget.  I do not really know where Mr Dinesh Trivedi is coming from. I have only seen the bottomline of what he has done. That bottomline reads-  “Fares hiked across the board “. The media is going Ga Ga over what a progressive step. He is a brave man. etc. See some of the links below. I do  not have time and inclination to see what and how he has hiked the fares across all the categories. I wont waste my time on it .

I see the need to increase the revenue for railways as a long pending need. This need is very much like a 28 year old virgin starving to have sex. He can either be creative, charismatic and innovative to find a partner and satiate his need or he can have the easy option.  He can go out and pay for the sex and get instant gratification. Yes, it does require courage to go to a whore and do it but it doesnt require a brain for which he can be praised. There is nothing in this act for which kudos can be showered.

Any service for which there are lakhs of captive users there can be 100s of ways of monetizing if you apply your head properly. Some examples :

  1.  Run latest movie shows in long distance trains . Give them good wide screen and great acoustic system. Charge normal movie rates. Bored passengers can pre book shows.
  2.  Run cyber cafes and allow people to access net for a charge.
  3.  Do special discounted rate product sales like airlines.
  4. Do out of home advertisement in all compartments.
  5.  Provide proper branded SPA services in the moving train.
  6. Open a bar let guys drink in moderation. // Put in proper Bouncers.
  7. Provide premium food // People pay Rs 150 for Biryani in flights and many of air passengers often travel on trains
  8. Let some private players also run trains in select routes like Delhi- Jaipur // Tatas would love to run it
  9. Provide special coaches dedicated to E commerce companies between metros daily . // They will ship crazy amounts
  10. Put 1000s of displays which can be displayed to lakhs of captive passengers every day. // It can bring in Ad revenues bigger than IPL

The fuckwits like Trivedi  do not deserve kudos  for being so mendicant and moronic to effect an across the board hike. What he deserves is : Kick on the ass

and Mamata has rightly given it.

A stupid article by Vivek Sahai, Former Chairman, Railway Board  praises him for total lack of creativity http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/opinion/guest-writer/rail-budget-2012-kudos-to-railway-minister-for-hiking-passenger-fares-says-vivek-sahai-former-chairman-railway-board/articleshow/12271039.cms?adcode=5

12 thoughts on “10 reasons why Dinesh Trivedi should be screwed not praised for across the board hikes

  1. None of your ideas seem practical, except for no. 4 and 8.
    Your ideas lack the practical aspect. You see the world from only your eyes, the level of people who live and spend like you. Majority of railways passengers are still far below that level, who wont bother to spend on such things. Anyways.. you tried to think… just it lacked the practical aspect..


    1. All great ideas till they are implemented are unpractical . Suez canal , making under ground metro below Chandni Chowk, selling IPL franchises for 1000s of crores, or for that matter Palace on wheels.

      Practicality is a resort of those who cant enterprise. It was not practical to think of a 1 lakh rupee car or a 40 paise/minute call. Yes, it was unpractical to thing that a site which will only show best links on web will ever make money but Google did happen.

      If only people think big beyond their myopia that bigger picture appears. If Napoleon would have thought of practicality, his soldiers would have never crossed the alps. What I always say is practicality is the first resort of salary suckers. Entrepreneurs are miles away from it


      1. Thats what I tried to say… the ideas which you projected will suit only a very limited set of passengers.. not the general public for them to be successful. Wifi has been enabled on the Rajdhanis.. understood.. thats practical.. and may become earning as well, because Rajdhani is not used by the general public, but only by a middle-higher income group. If anyhow, some lower income passenger is using Rajdhani, he wont pay for the Wifi..
        So, all of your suggestions, till they are implemented in such trains, they might get some revenue.. but again how much of a total crowd will it address ? A Rajdhani train typically has lesser coaches as compared to the general mail/superfast traings.. and how many total Rajdhanis do we have ?


  2. Nice ideas to increse Railway revenue! Though, I beg to differ on some of the points.

    one – Increasing fare across the board was also long due for last 10 years.
    Two – Mamata’s stance her populistic approach , pulling country backward on the lines of bangal
    Three – Most of these ideas are not realistic as far as execution is concerned considering Indian Railways’s basic structure ..

    nyways .. good read …


    1. Thanks Bijender,

      Some of my thoughts :

      one- In every budget one fare or the other has been increased. Tell me a budget in which nothing was increased. Even if it was long due, what is the haste in having them raised in a single go.

      two: We need contradictory pulls in democracy to get a balanced perspective. While no hike is bad, but more bad is across the board hike.

      three : Well I am not a railway expert but I am a consumer and I guess you too are. Will you not love this kind of facility ? Will you not be willing to pay for them ? If even say 5 % of consumers are willing to pay for it is it bad that railway execute that and make more money ? We have bars, SPAs in palace on wheels, its been executed well and its also practical. How about starting these on experimental basis on some Duronto , Rajdhanis and Shatabdis.. If it clicks, will it not help. What are the hurdles in putting closed , glass covered posters in compartments ? It gives a very well defined customer targeting.. Lalu implemented eeven more combersome stuff of adding a 3rd side berth and increased revenue by another 10 %. THe folks need to be creative.. If I can think , I am sure, the guys from railway should be able to think even better.


  3. The ideas you have mentioned are really out of the box. They can be helpful for Railways to enhance their hospitality standards. But this is India, people don’t even care to flush their shit. Widescreens and bars would be too much to expect when they don’t have enough TTEs or even police/security in trains.
    About fare hikes, why don’t these politicians make issue of Taxi/Auto fare hikes which are considerably more than a rupee or so every time they demand. 10 years…TEN. What was cost of diesel 10 years ago? And what is it now? Railways consume diesel right?
    As far as paying few extra bucks for a more comfortable & safer journey(his promises say so), I am ready to do that.
    Anyways what did Mamta do? How many things she said actually realized?

    Last – I don’t think the title suits the post.
    Good Read!



    1. Dear Ashutosh,

      India is such a composite that we cant generalize things. While we see people not flushing their shit, we also see Delhi Metro where I can even sleep on the floor. You wont find a single speck of dirt or paan stains on any of its walls.

      India is home to highest rising billionaires and neo rich who buy lamborgihinis, ferraris and live is costliest residences anywhere. Its the well off from whom high revenues can and should be derived.

      If you are giving Rs 30/ subsidy per litre to a person filling his fortuner or hummer its reasonable that a common man will pay Rs 60 for it.


      1. Maybe one day, we see our railway stations, govt offices without those stains! The only problem is that yes there are few ferraris, billionaires, but there are more poor people. You are talking about one side of the coin, and me…another. But Ya offcourse things can change. I totally agree to that. It is always better to be optimistic!


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